GamingOgre: Killzone 3 Review

GamingOgre: Sev and Rico are back to bust more Helghan ass, but have they finally gotten themselves in too deep, or does this third entry in the series just come up shallow? Read our review, and find out!

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edwineverready2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Good review. The only thing I did not like about the demo, and I think it will also be in the full game. Is that when you go down rico revives you. That makes it a bit to easy sometimes. Anybody know if the teammate revive is also there on elite difficulty?

Focker4202797d ago

Hopefully not, I do agree with you on that.

duplissi2797d ago

its not there everytime. if you take too much damage, are surrounded or have to be revived too many times rico will say that he cant. obviously if rico or whomever is down as well then no revive there as well.

trancefreak2797d ago

I'll be killing Rico with wasp soon again. Make him beg for his life while he bleeds out.