GAMERZ411 #3 – E3 2011 = Ghost Town?

In this episode of GAMERZ411, we welcome new additions BangBangSami and hungPHATx to our show as well as guest member, Venomous Fatman. We cover various topics including a big discussion on the new E3 attendance policy, and our reaction to Ben Kuchera’s (of Ars Technica) comments on the matter. All this and more on GAMERZ411!

This episode also features:
1. Homefront – How this game will change military shooters
2. Crysis Footage Shown on PS3, Demo Incoming?
3. Mortal Kombat 9 Discussion – New Characters, Akuma??
4. Diablo 3 Coming to PS3?
5. Update on Sony vs. Hackers

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fromasterjay2823d ago

I just got rejected to go to E3...I went last year with the same credentials! Sucks...

Hitman07692823d ago

This show came out better than the last, hope everyone enjoys hearing us get it in and feel free to leave your feedback!

egm_hiphopgamer2823d ago

I don't think it a be a ghost town, but seriously they have made changes so just got to deal with it, i'm still going so i can't wait

NYC_Gamer2823d ago

make sure to bring us some hot footage

9thGenHero2823d ago

Looking back on that podcast, I'm really excited for Homefront, MK9, and the potential release of Diablo on PS3, so much to look forward to!

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The story is too old to be commented.