BuzzFocus: Dirt 3: Hands-On Game Preview + Multiplayer Details

Dirt 3 from Codemasters is aiming to be a graduation from Dirt 2 with the addition of head-to-head rally racing, gymkhana tracks and Zombie & Invasion Multiplayer Modes.

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Bags_BuzzFocus2822d ago

get ready for robo godzilla cardboard cut-out multiplayer.

tboyshinobi2822d ago

still luv rockin' to Dirt 2. That and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit... Gran Turismo is weak sauce

shineonjmb2822d ago

UGHHH Why is our society OBSESSED with zombies?! Do we really need that in our racing games?

docbeez2822d ago

Dirt 2 wasn't the best racer, but certainly one of the most fun. I'm looking forward to this one.