Live Stream and Commentary for Bulletstorm

Every week the staff members of GameBlurb get together and put on a show for the viewers on upcoming games. Tonight’s show we’ll give you a chance to see Bulletstorm in action and you might even have a chance to play the game straight from your PC!

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darkecho2796d ago

This is a fantastic idea. Good job guys!

Bay2796d ago

Deciding if I should attend...spoilers and all, y'know. Mmmmmm.

Urrakia342796d ago

Bulletstorm doesn't look to be very big on story so I'm not worried about spoilers:)

liquidxtension2796d ago

I get to play the game? This sounds interesitng.

thekillerchrist2796d ago

FreePlay is a really good idea. I don't know anyone else that does it. Anyway, I haven't looked at this game much perhaps I'll learn what I need to know when I watch.

roseplanet2796d ago

lets see if this is any good

junk3d2796d ago

I have been wondering the same thing. How is the single player campaign. I didn't get much out of the demo...

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