Killzone 3 Game Night

I’m pretty sure everyone is excited for the release of Killzone 3. So, we at The Game Fanatics are having a Killzone 3 GameNight.

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willie322795d ago

I wish I could play the game tonight. However, my Gamestop and Walmart are not doing the midnight release.

Focker4202795d ago

Same here. Gives me a chance to say goodbye to some of my other games tonight though.

willie322795d ago

Any Walmart that is open 24 hours should at least sell the game at midnight.

Focker4202795d ago

I already pre-ordered (paid in full) from Gamestop weeks ago, assuming they'd have a midnight release, but nope. I'll just stay up late and sleep in until the store opens. There were a few things I wanted to finish on LBP2 anyway.

Pixel_Enemy2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I also paid in full for my Helghast edition from Gamestop. Since they aren't doing a midnight I was thinking about going to walmart to get a copy at midnight just to have it, then get my collectors edition tomorrow morning. I would have to sell one copy to a friend or something tho.

Does that sound crazy?

DGenesis_2795d ago

I'd hate to be in that town lol I hate when my gamestop doesn't do a midnight release for the games im looking forward to

Elimin82795d ago

our lamestop's doing it but I'll wait till tomorrow to get it from my school...

willie322795d ago

@ Pixel_Enemy

I was thinking about doing the same thing man. I found the next closest Walmart and thought about buying it there and saving my receipt. The one I get from Gamestop I simply won't open the game and take it back to Walmart. Do you think it would work?

DGenesis_2795d ago

just buy it from walmart then don't buy it from gamestop just get your money back or put it on something else

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edwineverready2795d ago

I am going to have a (LOSERNIGHT as we call it) this weekend. Gaming straight threw the night. shooting up helghast with my sharpshooter.

dc12795d ago

I'm with you.. However my night begins tonight. Of course I will be jacked on coffee to get me through the day.

Helghast13902795d ago

Killzone 3 woot woot count me in

karl2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

i wish i could buy the game... weekends have taken a hit on my wallet...

soo for another 3 weeks.. no killzone for me.. how much does that suck? jesus


SSKILLZ2795d ago

Count me in ! Nexus_knight !

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