Why is everyone attacking Geohot?


Okay so Geohot (George Hotz) was sued by Sony for hacking the PlayStation 3 and releasing the root keys out to the web. So what! Everyone is against him and his legal battle with Sony, saying that he deserves it. I have got news for you guys, Geohot has never condoned or supported piracy or hacking on the PSN network. He does however support the ability to hack YOUR OWN equipment that you have purchased legally and therefore releases tools to do so.

Right on his website and the statement below it states that he fully supports anti-piracy when it comes to equipment and networks that are not your own. Sony should not be allowed to sue based only on the fact that he is hacking his own PlayStation, I do agree that releasing the root key for the PlayStation may have been ill-advised. However like I stated before, he never condoned the piracy on equipment other than your own.

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Balt 2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

George did nothing wrong here. He hacked his system and he told others how to do the same -- What they do is not his problem. Charles Manson never killed a single person, yet he's held to a higher measure of the law than the actual people who he "allegedly" said to kill for him.

Age ol' saying --> If George Hotz told you to jump off a building, would you?

I 100% support him and even gave him money for his cause. What, Sony gonna sue me for that? They gonna ban my unit for me giving someone else money? They're not God or the Government -- They're a corporate company who's hell bent on destroying a very brilliant minded young man's life.

Sony would never do what George did for you all. They'd charge you 50 bucks a year and still hold back key features.

I'm 100% against Sony's actions here.

mjurek2823d ago

I agree, its not wrong to hack your own system. He then shared his knowledge, he cannot control what people do with it.

Shadow Flare2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

You're right. If someone left a gun on a school playground floor, they're not responsible for the consequences at all.


You know, Sony gave you guys otherOS originally so you could tinker round with things. Then people tried hacking too far to allow pirating games. Sony then took otherOS away. No one cared about it before. Sony gave you the tools, geohot got them taken away, yet you support him?

You just want free ps3 games. End of. And Sonys trying to prevent that? How evil of them.

Genesis52823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Cause he's an idiot and a criminal.

ComboBreaker2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

What he did is the same as lockpicking a door to a store and leaving it wide open so people can come in and steal stuff.

It's not his fault that other peoples come in and steal stuff.

All he ever did was make sure the lock was broken, leave the door very very wide open, and tells everyone that the door is very very wide open. Surely, that is not a crime.

Shadow Flare2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Combobreaker.......I'm speechless

A sunflower has a higher IQ then you.


If someone broke open the door to your house, uh, would you be mad at them? And then if people stormed in and trashed the place, (ie. Ruining online gameplay, stealing credit card info) would you be mad?

Seriously, you'd be happy if someone broke open your door to your house?

Think. Geez


After re-reading your comment, I'm sure you were being sarcastic and meant that comment as a joke. If so, I didn't meant offend. If you really did mean what you wrote though, you're an idiot

ComboBreaker2823d ago

I was being sarcastic. I did tried to use "very very very wide open" to get my sarcasism across. Guess it didn't work. LOL.

Shadow Flare2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

lol ok, it did twig the second time I read it. I just couldn't believe someone could seriously take that view lol. Fair play. It's just that the guys above genuinely seemed to take that view as well lol. Maybe they were joking as well. Surely no ones that stupid

MintBerryCrunch2823d ago


how would you go about pirating games through linux?

what he did was open up more ram towards other os, but could never figure out how to even use it, he tinkered, ended up failing, and Sony immediately shut all opportunities to mess with other os from then on

those who used the feature as legit owners got screwed...everyone here says that they are all hackers, and why would you want to do it on the ps3 when you could do it on your PC, i really find the latter the dumbest argument here...its like people are trying to find a reason to side with one side over the other, just excuses imo...i feel for the people that used other os as a legit feature...people trying to label them as hackers before any of this happened which was recent is stupid

Boody-Bandit2823d ago

George Hotz is a scumbag, period.

Millah2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

It simply AMAZES me how you guys all of a sudden turn into such good citizens worried about piracy and doing the right thing, but yet I'm sure many of you either pirate your music and PC software or have at least done so plenty of times in the past.

@Shadow Flare: So then according to your logic, the gun store should be the one held responsible because they sold the gun to the person that left it on the school ground? I guess so huh. Screw the 2nd amendment, close down all gun shops and deny Americans their right to bear arms, simply because a minority of schmucks out there want to take advantage of that privilege.

gamingdroid2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Perhaps we should all ban cars, knives, forks, video games... because somewhere someone did something evil because of those things!

Heck, people get overdoes on over the counter medicine and alcohol every freaken day, we don't ban that!

Point being, punish the evildoers, not the enablers.

We will just do what society has done thus far, by catering to the minority to the detriment of the majority.

As a software developer I'm against piracy, but as a consumer I'm against corporation stepping over their boundaries and reducing my freedom.

SPEAK UP! Support Gehot!

shooterexpert2823d ago

hacking a system and leaving a gun at a playground are totally not the same thing.

I'm starting to actually think that being a Sony fanboy does actually rot the mind.

Has your loyalty to sony really take away for your mind to think rationally ?

Jezuz2823d ago

I'm ok with him hacking it but if hacking it allows piracy then no.....

morganfell2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

geohotz did break the law. Under the DMCA what he did was illegal. He may own the console but not the patented information encrypted within. Nor a good many other patented and/or copyrighted components, data, and procedures.

After he broke the law he, along with fail0verflow made the information available to other people yet some persons here claim it isn't his fault.

Let's see...someone hacks into your bank account, a bank where they also have an account. They bypass all of the bank's security measures. They then take your credit card information and make it available to the public. Is it their fault if others then make illegal purchases?

Outside of all of the illegal hacking charges they also are an accessory to every single illegal act and purchase made with your credit card.

You may not like this law and should fight to have the actions of such people that hack and publish private credit card info made legal. Do not blame the bank. Have the law changed. After all it is principles which we are discussing. Let's see how well some persons here stick to theirs.

Even better, let's see how committed you really are and save these one time criminals the trouble of hacking and just start handing out your credit card right now. That is what Sony is being asked to do.

gamingdroid, here is where you and others continue to err. Sony didn't sell the information retrieved in the hack to geohot and others. Why can't you grasp that elementary fact?

Go back and read my initial sentences. You fail to see that with the PS3 and plenty of other devices you do not own everything in the item when you buy it. That's the law. Tough but if you can't comprehend such an elemental and quite simple fact of business and legality then any further discussion with you is moot.

gamingdroid2823d ago

... except I didn't sell my bank information to the hackers. Nor did I prevent them from using their property in any way they wish or remove things from their property!!!

insomnium22823d ago

Why the hell doesn't morganfell have more bubbles? He single handedly owns each and every geohot fanboy out there. I guess that must be the reason. people don't WANT to listen to the truth.

Agent VX2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Morganfell rant is spewed right from the jackals mouths of Sony's legal department. This is corporate propaganda at its finest.

Your argument dies on the sword simply by stating it is law, and that it is just.

Saying you don't own everything you buy is complete corporate propaganda. That is like saying that you buy a car, you can't resell it or drive is on Tuesday, because corporate law states. Or that you can't repaint it, or put aftermarket parts in the engine to increase HP.

Why not have laws for something like Dance Classes, that what they teach you, is their intellectual property and that you can never dance outside the wall of the dance studio, nor teach anyone what you have learned, or face imprisonment and monetary penalties. This is all crooked corporate propaganda.

Electronics and software companies enjoy a complete travesty and criminal ownership of their products, that is not enjoyed by any other products. It is a product that you pay for, yet do not own.

You have fallen for big business lies and deception, and then hide behind law as your saviour. When in fact a good many "Laws" throughout all of human history have been completely unfair, unjust and protect the people who make them or can buy their favour.

I am glad he hacked the PS3, seeing big business squirm is what I live for. Big corporations have laws to protect them, and give huge unfair advantage to them. Your rant is a complete failure, as your wisdom in this subject

MeanOldman2823d ago

ah poo poo the evil corporation is crushing the consumer. boo hoo little baby. grow up son.
keep bendin the truth enough vx an youll be able to scratch your own ass with it. you can sell your ps3. you can paint it. you can play it when you want. but lets look at that car. what you cant do is take patented tech from that car an use it illegally. thats what you want to do. you just want to find any way in the world in your snotty little anarchist dream land to get somethin for free. well boo hoo cry on. what are you 5? an you cant drive that car like a maniac either cause if you dont follow certain other rules then you wind up in the pokey. thats why we have rules son. sometimes they may be too tight but thats because little jerks acting like they should be none at all and ruined everything for ever one. just like geosnot getting other os removed for the truncated bucket heads that claim to use it. now heres a plug nickle go buy a life.

gamingdroid2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

"but lets look at that car. what you cant do is take patented tech from that car an use it illegally. thats what you want to do."

I can practically modify my car in any way I want. I can NOT do that with my console without getting sued!!!

You can all go protect your console, but one day you might just find yourself without the right to use your legally purchases product in any way you want.

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

ComboBreaker2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Dude, you're too paranoid.

1. Modifying your console is and will always be legal.

2. Giving out Sony's private root keys is and will always be illegal.

3. It doesn't matter where Sony's private root keys are stored (in this case, on the PS3 itself), it's still illegal to give them out.

It's that simple. Stop spinning and just look straight at the facts for once.

Agent VX2822d ago

LOL... MeanOldman. Sounds like I hit a nerve, and from reading your poorly written response that obviously was written in hast, I take it that you need more intelligent people to tell you how, what and when to do things. You sport, are what we call a "Follower".

Your response made no sense, who said anything about "Rules". The argument has clearly flew over your head.

So I will simplify it for you, obviously you need to be spoon feed this slowly.

How much ownership can a company(s) have on a product that they sell to a consumer? Software and Hardware companies have virtually totally control over their products, and have the legal means through legislation.

Meaning that you do not own your Wii, PS3 or 360 in terms of turning it on and using it as a gaming console. The only right you have with these devices is throwing it away, but in terms of actual usage, you just bought the right to play games and use the services provided. The hardware as being used, is not yours.

That sport, is criminal and unjust for something that you have purchased, plain and simple. Just read the criminal fine print and realize how "Little" you own or can do with these devices, which is not just limited to gaming consoles.

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Dante1122823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I got no problem with what anyone does with their systems as long as it doesn't affect me, the gaming industry or online gaming. But since Geohot leaked the keys, it's affected almost everyone (Online gaming-MW2, Developers-Pirating game, custom firmware users-hacker could steal cc info from them). I think that's why most don't like him.

mjurek2823d ago

Again, he cannot control what people do with their abilities. Nobody attacked him when he jailbroke the iPhone. Its all in what other people do with the information. In the long run this will make a better secured PlayStation for Sony and everyone else.

Dante1122823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

If he can't control what others might do with it then why leak it? Why not just create your own firmware on strictly homebrew instead of bragging and leaking keys that could harm others? That's like someone leaking specs and ingredients on nukes, a terrorist organization getting a hand on it and turning a blind eye on what eventually will happen. Bad things....I just think he could've handle the situation a little better.

gamingdroid2823d ago

This problem affects the Xbox 360, but I don't see people complaining about it and running to the PS3 in droves in the past.

Point being, the developer relied their security on one point of failure. Blame the developers and Sony for creating such a system and Sony's inability to monitor their online system.

Legion2823d ago


I am not sure that you have the full scope of what can actually be done with the hacked code and what can't?

MS seems to have had their system hacked for quite awhile now. Yet the flood of issues you mention have not been so prevelant on their servers. Could be that it is because the server side of the house (PSN for PS3) that controls the flow of information?

False reports of what can and can't be done with the coding is what is really causing the most harm in anyones arguements here.

Currently NO hacking of others personal information such as cc numbers etc. is possible. This is due to many issues but mainly because of how security is actually treated through the internet service.

The only real issue currently is the loss of profit due to public knowledge of a singular hard coding (poor coding at that) number that allows your PS3 to recognize homebrew software as authorized.

Internet control still allows Sony to control and monitor software manipulated in online gaming. But it is costly to have to deal with such attempts and monitoring. I would have to look into the peer to peer issues to see if the online gaming is more of an issue with Sony due to not having a controlled network as such? Thus possible that your MW2 modding might have some validity if you are not required to go through a secure site to play online games? (I need to research more to verify this issue)

Many have pointed out apple vs orange scenarios which have no correlation to current issues with Geohotz and Sony. Unfortunately those missinterpretations due more harm then good. Watering down any valid discussion in the situation.

References to Hitler and Charles Manson are just wrong and have no place in a discussion such as this. Attempting to correlate the release of code to that of placing a destrucitve device as a gun on a play ground is also falsly misleading. That is very little difference then the arguement that gun makers are ultimately the cause for all deaths in the country due to shootings. (which many people still think)

In that same arguement could you put blame on Sony for the issue due to the fact they improperly coded their own device in such a way that manipulation of said code was inevitable and they should have forseen the outcome?

I unlocked my DVD player so that I could purchase other region DVDs to watch on it. Am I a criminal...? My sister wishes to watch other region coded DVDs also, am I such a criminal for giving her the code? Maybe... guess I will wait for Panasonic to come and sue me too.

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Tristanh822823d ago

so i guess hitler should be let off to because didnt actually do any of the killing

SuperbVillain2823d ago

You actually gave him money? hahhahaaha

Timesplitter142823d ago

His little rap video is what made me hate him

RyuCloudStrife2823d ago

not geohot he just joined the bandwagon and added to it. This little prick of a b!tch needs to go to jail ASAP!!

zeroskie2823d ago

He's enabling hacking (an illegal activity). It's like saying if someone was giving kids guns to play with, whatever damage ensues is not his fault because he didn't pull the triggers.

Pirates will always pirate if given the opportunity. They won't just say, oh this was not made with the intention of piracy in mind and just let it off.

Legion2823d ago

Hacking is not an illegal activity. Using your own analogy it is like saying shooting a gun is illegal. No, certain activities with a gun are considered illegal.

Need to research what hacking is before you falsly claim hacking as an illegal activity.

mr.selfdestruct2823d ago

Umm last time I checked PSN is free. The problem I have is he has opened up a way people can and WILL cheat online which ruins everyone elses experience. If I have to suffer for what he released. I'm perfectly content with Sony making his A** suffer as well.

Legion2823d ago


You are correct in that under the DMCA the activity can be concidered criminal. You are incorrect in your correlation with this and bank accounts and such.

Unfortunately for Sony, the act of the company and or affiliate supplying the same code through the intenet has made the case a mute point. Public supply of code circumventing security regardless of intent or reason by the the complaintant prevents claims of complaintant upon further cause of malice or grievance. A Sony affiliate reposted (though unintentionally) the code through twitter. This has opened the defence stance on free source of public knowledge regardless of the code being resubmitted after intitial post due to it coming from complaintant.

Sony bit themselves in the ass.

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NYC_Gamer2823d ago

i have no problem with anyone who hacks/mods hardware they paid for...

Titanz2823d ago

These are the same people that laughed when the Wii and Xbox 360 got hacked.

Go figure, huh?

insomnium22823d ago

Prove it. Otherwise you are nothing but a deuchebag.

TXIDarkAvenger2823d ago

Well actually shouldn't he be held responsible for what others do with the knowledge he leaked?
Because of him, people know how hack PS3. He's just getting more hackers. I understand that means he's hacking it to expand what the PS3 can do but people are obviously gonna miss use that and get free PS3 games.

jashmister2823d ago

Its because your on the internet, people love to hate everything.

WithMyLastBreath2823d ago

I wouldn't have issue with it if he didn't release the key. I really have no idea why he leaked it in the first place.

Dart892823d ago

" I really have no idea why he leaked it in the first place."

Ummm to try to make a name for himself.

WithMyLastBreath2823d ago

I suppose so. Couldn't releasing it be considered illegally obtaining and distributing a company trade secret? Which is a very very serious offense.