Killzone 3 PS3 pre-order guns to No. 1 at retailer

Pre-order sales for Sony Corp.’s Killzone 3 for the Playstation 3 ranked as a top-selling product at retailer Inc. this week amid strong pre-launch demand for the sequel.

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Joni-Ice2797d ago

I got mine from Amazon.

Mr_Bun2797d ago

To Blaze in the report section:
If NPD numbers qualify as news, so should Amazon numbers

jammydude2797d ago

If VGchartz numbers qualify as news, then so should mine. Check back later for this weeks hardware 'estimates' by me.

Simon_Brezhnev2797d ago

You know that sarcastic mouth troll always got something smart 2 say.

Gamerfans2797d ago

best buy for me. A couple of hours until I can pick mine up. tick toc tic toc.

The-Tentacle2797d ago

The game is a masterpiece and deserves all the sales it gets. I think people will appreciate this game more then they did KZ2, the media and xbox fanboys had a frenzy with that one. They can't put this one down so much because its just so good. Congratulations Guerrilla Games.