Sony still looking for Home producers

Those that have been following the development of Home should not find it surprising that the ambitious online program was delayed to next year. Troubling signs from the beta suggested that the project simply wasn't moving as quickly as it should. Even more telling, a quick look through Gamasutra reveals that there's still a crucial job opening specifically for Home has still been unfilled.

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Proxy4043d ago

Just give us our 2.0 update that includes in game media bar access, and include a text chat option as well as a voice chat option in the media bar. Who needs home?

nasim4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

who are satisfied to have backdated 2D text achievements.

HOME and TROPHIES are attributes of next gen gaming


I dont own an x360.

there are just 10 million people who own x360.

anyone who has a ps3 will never buy an inferior console like x360 with no games

Proxy4043d ago

I must be the only bot that owns a PS3 but does NOT own a 360.

I would ask for an appology, but you don't have any more bubbles.

Proxy4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I'll be out of bubbles too if it keep double posting on me.

Spike474043d ago

nobody needs it, but ALOT of people want it.

Proxy4043d ago

I sometimes just chat with some of my PSN friends, and don't actually play games. Mine as well be doing it in his virtual appartment playing pool at the same time I guess. It will be cool.

We thought about forming a "Home mafia" of sorts. There's obviously no violence in Home, but what we decided we could do is gater a large group of people and then go swarm people. LOL, you'll just be walking along and suddenly 20 people surround you and you can't get out of the middle of them. :D

SmokeyMcBear4043d ago

wouldnt work proxy.. they have this ban/ignore feature.. push the button.. poof.. you're gone

Proxy4043d ago

You mean if you ignore me you physically can't see or interact with my character?

As for bans, obviously Sonys not going to have tons of people watching over things, and unless everyone is allowed to ban everyone else (that would probably work preaty well), you wouldn't likely get caught.

Besides, I was mostly joking anyways.

SmokeyMcBear4043d ago

yes proxy.. once the user ignores/bans you.. the avatar, the physical body is gone from the world.. cool huh

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kspraydad4043d ago

If SCEA is now looking for this position this is a POSITIVE sign as it means they are getting closer to having a product ready to show to third parties in NA.

Laxe4043d ago

3rd party content? Heck with the stores they're going to do I HOPE they include an Ebay store! Would be great to do my Ebaying without hopping onto the computer everytime.

Kyur4ThePain4043d ago

An open position is a bad sign?
It's like people believe nobody WANTS the job.
Open positions are a positive sign in any enterprise.
If you are not part of the working portion of the public yet and understand how things work, please don't make silly comments.

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The story is too old to be commented.