Fox News Call for Bulletstorm to be Censored

GP Editor Jaime Donnelly writes, "Not content with labelling Bulletstorm as the worst video game in the world and supporting his point with misquotes and false accusations which had no scientific backing, John Brandon is at it again.

He is now taking issue with the fact that Bulletstorm will be censored in Germany, and argues that the same treatment should be applied in the United States as if Germany is a country which would only censor the very worst of violent video games. In fact, Germany is known for taking a strict approach to violent video games."

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a_bro3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

wouldnt that be un-american Fox?

wow a bunch of lousy hypocrites...

Wenis3808d ago

The only reason he continues to talk about this is because of the hits it is generating. I guarantee you he doesn't really give a rats ass about Bulletstorm.

guitarded773808d ago

I call for Fox News to be censored... permanently.

darksied3808d ago

That probably true, but you know what? Nowadays if I see Fox news putting out articles like this, I actually laugh at it. If they have to go this low to generate interest in their news, then that shows you how pathetic and worthless their "actual" news really is.

teething3808d ago

Fox... THIS is how you expand gaming marketing to a wider audience... for FREE.

lil Titan3808d ago

OH COME ON this game if all games is being talked about...Really? what about Black when it came out? or if you really what body parts flying what about soldier of fortune: payback when it came out? this game isnt that bad at all there are other game being banned in other countries but some how this game gets attention? i smell someone paying Fox to cover this game...Epic smh

hassi943807d ago

Nope, this is just good old Fox being its own ridiculous shitty self.

Jim Hawking3808d ago

This guy is a blogger, not a news reporter or a syndicated writer.

By the way,

I just now saw a story on FOX about how the Smithsonian is displaying the "art of video games" and it provided the website where people can vote on the best games to display. That alone is way more credit then the entire media to date has given video games. You people seriously need to shut up.

MadMax3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Its a lib, you fuckin morons!!!

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Shackdaddy8363808d ago

Fox news gives republicans a bad name. Even moderate republicans like me...

Shackdaddy8363808d ago

Why disagrees? Do you people even know what a moderate republican is?

lastdual3808d ago

John Brandon is one blogger that writes for the personal editorial section of the Fox News website. He doesn't eactly speak on behalf of News Corp, which is a huge organization.

It's just that putting "Fox News" in the headline generates a lot more hits than saying "John Brandon calls for censorship", etc.

UP3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

lastdual: I looks like you are the only one besides me who gets it you deserve a bubble.


you probably should not call yourself any form of a rebublican on this site. Here they are considered evil corporate loving black hating homophobes that are retarded.

LightofDarkness3808d ago

@Lastudual and UP:

Nail. On. Head.

Conservatism is a cuss word on the internet, by and large. Europeans (I AM European :P) typically think you're some mullet-sporting racist with a checkered shirt, 5 teeth between you and your family and political views that extend about as far as the muzzle of a gun.

Shackdaddy8363808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

@ Light

Moderate Republican is different. Check below. We are more like a mutt when it comes to politics :)

Nuclearwinter3808d ago

I agree. People like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin make me almost ashamed to call myself a republican.

sickbird3808d ago

Republicans give Republicans a bad name.

Shackdaddy8363808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Moderate republicans are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. i.e. I believe in lower taxes, balanced budgets, and free trade. While I also believe in liberal things such as gay rights, civil rights, etc.

We also all hate Bush and the bad name he gave to repubs. :)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You people need to learn a little more about political views imo.

LightofDarkness3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Well, I'm more along the lines of a Libertarian (GLENN BECK IS NOT A LIBERTARIAN), in that I believe in the originating principles set forth by the constitution.

It is a widely held view for a "libertarian" (not really a party) to believe that social politics should be handled at the state, not federal, level. It is also believed that these are "personal" politics and should not be party policy. These issues include abortion and gay rights. What I personally believe about those issues is not a matter for the party, but for me alone to speak about if ever it comes to a vote.

Power has largely been stripped from the states, while more and more social issues are being mandated and legislated at a federal level. This is not how the country is supposed to operate.

Other beliefs: isolationist foreign policy (look it up, it's not what it sounds like), sound economics, small and limited government and an unregulated market.

NateCole3808d ago

Whats the difference between that and a moderate democrat?.

Dan503808d ago

Republicans do not want gays to have equal rights. They want them to be treated like black people were before the civil rights movement.

a_bro3808d ago

your not a republican then, you are an independent.

r2kcipher3808d ago

@LightofDarkness I am a liberal but amazingly enough I agree with alot of what libertarians believe in. Especially limiting the role of government in our private lives and not having our troops on foreign soil for no reason.

But I do not see eye to eye on deregulation. This government was created for the people by the people. And usually a market is regulated after the people were screwed over by the market. Just read The Jungle and then tell me if deregulation is still a good thing.

As for small and limited government, this is impossible without civil unrest. If we start cutting programs left and right people that use them will eventually begin to riot. It is true that our government is bigger now than it ever was but the same could be said about our population. Look at what happened to American car companies when they cut costs in a growth period.

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bwazy3808d ago

Fox news can suck my balls. There not even a real news corporation, all they do is spew shit from their mouths.

darksied3808d ago

Ugh, that's gross. Spew ...

bwazy3808d ago

I'm a Canadian... I guess we have Liberals here...., but go Green party?

Shmotz3808d ago

Epic should tell them they'll censor the game when Fox removes the heavy bias.

DEADEND3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

God I hate Fox News with their stupid tea party right wing conservative bull crap. Always selling half the truth with a side of lie.

darksied3808d ago

Unfortunately, Fox news will be around forever. Why? Because as long as there are dumb people (people who listen and believe without thinking or researching) in the world, they will be successful. The rate of dumb people is going up, fast.

DEADEND3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Really a disagree come on what angry tea party nut job is on n4g, don't you have some stupid episode of glenn beck to watch why are you stealth trolling for.