Retro Studios Answers The Dreaded "Metroid Dread" Question - And Other "Prime" Exclusives

MTV wanted to know why Retro Studios didn't open this game with the traditional Samus-loses-her-powers bit.

MTV wanted to know why they keep ending "Prime" games with collection quests that some gamers are vocally against. MTV asked about their relationship with the speed-running community that strives to break their games, their thoughts on whether top-level artists really want to make Wii graphics.

Oh yeah, and MTV asked them about that supposed "Metroid Dread" reference.

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Rooftrellen4092d ago

Good stuff.

Maybe the Metroid Dread referance in Prime was actually poking fun at it being put on hold, possibly never to be worked on again. Banjo Tooie had a referance to "Banjo Threeie," but look what happened to that. It wasn't a real prediction, like they were going to make it soon, but it was a little joke that some people took too far.

Also, maybe its just that I have something against the colors in Halo 3, but it seems like the talk about colors might have been a shot at Halo. After all, you have a dark, menacing FPS where you are up against aliens that want to kill you and outnumber you hundreds to one...and the colors look a bit like Pikmin.

The graphics in MP3 were beautiful, so the guy deserves a lot of respect, and others in graphics should listen to him about colors. Bad colors can really mess up the experiance of a game. I also think its somewhat humorous that he picks on boxes!

Trick Nolte4092d ago

I think that "Dread" was a tentative title. Hence, there is no Metroid Dread but possibly a 2D Metriod. I just dont see Niontendo not releasing another 2D Metroid. I just wish they would put it on Wii instead of DS. We all know how tight lipped Ninendo can be.

I love hi end graphics but I can enjoy games that dont have that luxury on a hi-end level. MP3, RE4, SMG, Nights to name a few are really easy on my eyes and I'm excited about the release of the latter 2. I dont think the guy was knocking Halo3 colors and tech but more so justifty his creativity to create on a canvas that doesnt involve hi end technology.

They did a hell of a job on this game and despite some of its flaws like the delays before doors open... Its still really visually stunning. It doesnt top out on texture clarity and poly counts on a PS360 level. I feel that this game can hold its own with the best of them.

The people who disagree are the people who most of the time, never played it or gave it a fair chance.

brodels4092d ago

that guy's lying. i remember, i forgot either in metroid prime or metroid prime 2, i think it's the first time you see the metroids in that game, and the tanks explode and they start floating around, one of the scans talks about "Metroid Prime Hunters DS" and "Metroid Prime Hunters GS." Well that can be a coincidence, cause I don't know what GS is, but "Metroid Prime Hunters DS..."

brodels4092d ago

Ok I remember, almost certainly, that it's Metroid Prime.