New Haze Developer Walkthrough Video

Developer walks gamers through one of the levels in Haze showing off how to make nectar grenades and knifes as well as stealing weapons from enemies and shooting them.

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Shankle4039d ago

This game is essentially the playstation's Halo without the hype factor. And plus it's made by Free Radical, who might just be the greatest console fps developer ever. Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and the Timesplitters series is a hell of a resume. And of course, there's offline multiplayer with bots!!! Definitely looking forward to it :D

nasim4039d ago

i mean both are just too good games.

It is a great time to buy a ps3

Shankle4038d ago

For once, I'm actually shocked that Nasim has been all bubbled out. This comment is actually fairly reasonable, with no declarations of "HAZE PWNS GAYLO!!!" or "XBOX IS SH1T!!". Clearly his reputation has got the better of him.

Violater4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

slap me if im wrong but it is

hazeblaze4039d ago

yea, this is an old video. can't wait til the game comes out though.

achira4039d ago

halo3 freaks got pwnd! this game fxcks halo3 in the ass, lol. i played it one part of this level at the gc, and ppl will love it! what was very cool from the video, was the scene where the player shot at on guy and he bounced of the wall, that looked realy nice and realistic. cant wait to buy that game!

AngryHippo4039d ago

....stop saying stupid stuff. Halo freaks got owned?! how exactly, please tell me?! I am just wondering....i like the look of haze, looks cool but i will wait till it is reviewed before saying its going 'own' halo. I think people really need to stop hyping games up so much because if you do it too much, it will never ever live up to your own expectations hence it becomes a disappointment.

eleaz144039d ago

if this game gets a 6.5 or a 7 at gamespot before realease. They just hate the PS3. They are just paid off Microsoft Junkies

achira4039d ago

in case of halo 3 you could see all the biased sites, who gave halo3 a 10, lol. its 1up,ign,gamespot. come on how much did you pay ms ? you cant except a good rating from then so i suggest, every ps fan should look for other sites.

Honeal2g4039d ago

i love this its soo funny how all the loyal playstation fans cant ..come to the realization that theres another system worht buying.

Honestly and Ironically i was too BLind and Ignorant to a certain extent. i owned PS1,PS2, ...and never dreamed of another console, till Halo 2 not one But 2....enjoyed the game but understood that it was the only xbox game i would ever play hated Xbox...but X360 is a different Story i respect Microsoft more than ever..These guys are tryin there best to mimic Sony's sucess. all i have to say to u is Grow up kid ...(directed at achira)

ElementX4039d ago

Ok all you Sony fanboys get off your high horses. MS doesn't pay people for reviews. Do you think they paid every newspaper, magazine, and website which gave Halo a good score? Do you honestly think so? Think before you speak. Don't you think investors would like to know where this supposed "pay off" money goes? Start backing up your accusations or quit making them.

hazeblaze4039d ago

It has been admitted, by reviewers, that M$ does not 'buy' reveiews but they do grant perks to reviewers and basically kill them with great service when journalists want to get new info or previews... and that's really how a company should be.

On the other hand, they do own some of the media outlets that gave the outrageous reviews though (not GS or IGN, but some of the tv and print outlets).

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hotshot12374039d ago

this game doesnt beat halo in any way shape or form..............sorry but it doesnt. please people dont hype this game because i have the feeling people will be dissapointed. right now halo is the best fps on any console period. but if people truly feel the need to find a halo killer then resistance fall of man would be the only one arguable. and no i still love my ps3 but im not gonna be a fanboy and say this is better then halo. imho this game looks wack the same way i think mass effect looks extremely boring

Hatchetforce4039d ago

No one can say the game beats HALO and no one can say it does. Not until after release. Even then they will have to end that phrase with the words 'for me'.

HALO 3 is a hell of a package. Can it be beat? All things are possible but it would require a most incredible game.

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The story is too old to be commented.