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Glitchy Tasty's Ryan Farrenkopf has reviewed Killzone 3. In the artcle, he goes into detail on how features like Move Support and the overabundance of cut scenes are relatively hit-or-miss. While he praises certain aspects of the games' design (diverse environments are one prime example), over points of interest like the cover system are totally broken.

"On more than one occasion I found myself avoiding the use of cover, as it would mean certain death. I also encountered a bug that wouldn't allow me to shoot from cover, requiring me to remove myself from cover, exposing me further to gunfire, then take cover again just to shoot."

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CaliGamer2821d ago

Hmm...the impressions of this game are all over the place. Will be interesting to see where this all goes once the game is released.

M-Easy2821d ago

Hows that? Out of like 50 reviews only 3-5 are under 80%.

CaliGamer2821d ago

Guess you must be looking at different reviews than I am. Depends on which websites are included on Metacritic, (I am not aware of how they deem a site worthy of being included in their overall score), I am looking at the all the reviews in general that have been posted over the internet.

So as I said, the impressions of this game, (ON THE INTERNET AS A WHOLE) have been all over the place. We will see what happens once the game releases.


You really need to chill.

morganfell2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

My first thought was the guy that wrote the article is likely the same guy that submitted it. His N4G profile says his PSN name is jayce d.

Look at this:

Then I read the article of the reviewer and and in the comments he uses the name rankofpro. So let's try that:

Well? Of course this likely isn't his PSN name and to note there is no XboxLive Gamertag called Rankofpro either. It was nice to see all of the screens in the article were previously released somewhere else.

And did he review it without playing retail MP? Or any MP such as the beta? I think he did not because there is a huge glaring error with flashing red lights in his comments.

His comments alone demonstrate he did not play MP because anyone in the private or public beta, or Killzone 2 for that matter know that the MP in these titles is ALL about teamwork.

Either he never reviewed the game or is incapable of working with other people on any level of life because anyone that has played Killzone 2 or 3 is well aware both the titles are Teamwork heavy. The only area where this lessens slightly is non-Warzone Team Deathmatch( Warzone Team Deathmatch is BodyCount) which is called Guerrilla Warfare.

BattleAxe2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Basically it looks like the reviewer sucks at learning how to play a new game and blames his poor skills on Killzone3.

This is what the reviewer prefers to play....its easier ;)

BrianC62342821d ago

This review is crappy. I mostly just read the end. He acts like Killzone 3 has to be held to a higher standard. Did you review games like Halo and COD with these same standards?

DigitalRaptor2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

It's PS3 exclusives man.

I've gotten used to the treatment they receive when it comes to reviews and coverage. When you are profit-driven and biased in turn, it can affect the content you produce. Journalism standards and critique are a disgrace this gen.

M-Easy2821d ago

Ok so whats the lowest you've seen? I guarantee its 70.

beavis4play2821d ago

cali - i wouldn't put any emphasis on this reviewer. his comments on the cover system are idiotic. it sounds like he's never played a game in his life.

TheMysterion2821d ago

The result of a noob reviewing a game. Half of the problems he had were because he does not know how to play

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0neway2821d ago

"It's to bad that the mulitplayer drags this title down" *FACEPALM*

Close_Second2821d ago

Multiplayer is most of the cake and the icing for this game. Not saying single player is bad but multiplayer is what will keep people coming back to this game in a years time.

Philoctetes2821d ago

Thanks for quoting that part so I know not to give this site the hit that it obviously craves. What an asshat.

ASTAROTH2821d ago

Bet this score will appear inmediately in METACRITIC scores. . . yet other scores of 9, 9.2,9.5 and 10 arent there in the site. . . what a convenience.

gamer20102821d ago

Oh wow so now Metacritic is biased too. It's a big conspiracy...the only people that know how flawless every PS3 game just happen to be PS3 fanboys. Jeez.

Focker4202821d ago

Metacritic is a terrible source. They don't even post more than half of the actual reviews.

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0neway2821d ago

I'm getting it tonight with the sharp shooter : )

HaVoK3082821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Your getting the plastic ray-gun? Are you twelve? Please say your not an adult.

anticooper2821d ago

im an adult and im getting the sharpshooter:-)yes i know you are the serious adult and im the little child who likes plastic ray-guns:-)lets take a grown up discussion about plastic ray-guns, you will win no doubt, but i really dont care:-)

electricshadow2821d ago

If it made the same "pew pew pew" sounds like Kevin Butler did when he mocked the Kinect, I'd buy it in a second. :P

PS3 Supremacy2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

@ Havok

Who are you to judge what others do with their own money?

And secondly, it's a gun shaped peripheral designed for a shooting game. What's so odd about that? I suppose you find driving wheels for driving games or fight sticks for fighting games nerdy too.

0neway2821d ago

I'm 35 going on 12, kiss my arse :) pew pew pew!

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InTheLab2821d ago

If you don't mind my asking, did you order online or have you seen them at brick n mortar? I've had issues with delivery from Amazon:(

Ninver2821d ago

My preorder is in the mail heading towards me as we speak. Maybe this noob should have made his review earlier to try and convince us lol GTFO!

jayceface2821d ago

Considering the review copy came in this past week, probably not.

kharma452821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Yeah review code has been around for a while depending on what site you write for, some have had it for around a month.

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