The Man and Team Behind Minecraft

2 player productions has made a great documentary over the creator of Minecraft and the development team Mojang. The documentary brings us backstage to see where it all began and where the story continues. The workplace is surprisingly simplistic and it just looks like a great place to work.

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captain-obvious2851d ago

i played it
and TBH i just dont get it

all i know is i can dig stuff and i can put stuff

Kon2851d ago

The only thing i did in Minecraft was a huge tower, i don't know how to make things in the game=/

jashmister2851d ago

dig, mine, craft, smelt, fight and survive that's Minecraft Beta mostly, any new player needs to open the crafting page on Minecraft wiki and then the game opens up into the addicting fun it is.

Roozium2851d ago

Ohyeah, Swedish proud <3

FanboyPunisher2851d ago


The song itself in the video is addictive in itself.

branchedout2851d ago

It's the beard.
Beards breed success.

xtremexx2851d ago

i wanna grow a bear now

LoaMcLoa2851d ago

You wanna grow a BEAR? That'd be fucking awesome!