GT Life - Gran Turismo 5 Progress Montage

Fyshokid writes:

"This was a little something that I just randomly thought about doing yesterday. I had recorded pretty much all the important stuff that had happened in my "GT Life" career, and I had nothing that I could use it in (we were originally gonna do a review, but the game's just too freakin' big!), so I decided I'd try something new. A so-called "progress montage", where I take all my clips, and make kind of a "flashback" montage where I play everything in (mostly) chronological order. It's basically a short 10-minute recap of my GT5 career progress so far.

I also wanted to use this song on something, and this seemed to fit, so there you go. The song is:
Daft Punk - Too Long

Now, I'm A-spec level 35 in GT5, which means that I have unlocked the first 24-hour race. If everything goes as planned (which I can't promise it will), I'll be making a time lapse of the entire 24 hours and upload them here.

Anyways, GT5 is probably my favorite games of all time. I hope you enjoy the video!"

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Goeres2822d ago

Amazing, the song fits perfectly haha!

CernaML2822d ago

Oh man. I need to get home from work now so I can watch this. Too Long by Daft Punk? You are a genius.

CernaML2822d ago

That was a beautiful video. Amazing work.