The Worst Game Ever is Coming to the PSN

Tomorrow, Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is coming to the PSN. Possibly one of the most lazily developed and controversial games to debut on the network. Here's your first preview.

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NukaCola3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

This game looks like a crappy iphone rts.

EDIT: @below...oh ok.

despair3509d ago

well considering its a mini which do not have trophies and many games have in game achievements that are not related to MS achievements(they don't own the term) what's the problem.

Iroquois_Pliskin3509d ago

How did it get through Sony´s quality control?

jashwin3509d ago

Did you even read the blog post? This whole "worst game ever" is a marketing ploy and as you can see, it working well.

jadenkorri3509d ago

yes and if you watch the video, it says its a parody. I hope sony wouldn't allow trash like this on psn.

Heartnet3508d ago

hehe there mini's like saying how did all those shitty Xna Games get through MS control xD

(no disagrees me thanks you :))

SkyCrawler3508d ago

did you read the article? Or watch the cm?

RockmanII73508d ago


Guess 7 people like 'Who did I date last night?'

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ThatCanadianGuy3508d ago

It may look terrible..

but, "We consider iFun4All one of the worst developers in the world, let alone Europe. We’re a small team, consisting mostly of a few talentless drunkards scattered about a few remote villages. With our limited funds and even more limited access to power and internet, creating truly great games just isn’t a real possibility. We instead decided to go the other way, and set out to create the worst games of all time."

With honesty like that, how can i not respect them? Day one buy for me.Even tho i'll likely never play it.

despair3509d ago

Game looks dumb but I might just get it just because of that trailer lol. Hope its under $2.00, it will sell if it is.

Tommykrem3509d ago

Interesting way to promote a game :)

guitarded773509d ago

E.T.'s coming to Playstation!?!?!?!?!?

guitarded773509d ago

Goddamn... I knew it was a bad joke, but a 3 disagree bad joke. Maybe it was deserved. I apologize for my failed attempt at humor. I will punish myself by actually playing E.T.

UnSelf3509d ago


raised LIKE by 10%

SSKILLZ3509d ago

If it has trophies it's a win

PandaJenkins3509d ago

Watch the trailer, the menu says achievements :P

MaxXAttaxX3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

So... yeah it does have Trophies then.

"Achievements" is just what the game calls it.
Kinda how Uncharted calls theirs "Medals" and Ratchet & Clank "Skill Points".

PandaJenkins3509d ago

I was making a joke, because to me it comes of as them doing it on purpose as a joke.

schlanz3509d ago

1. Have one trophy
2. Make it Platinum
3. ???

RXL3509d ago

underwear gnomes reference...nice lol

FunAndGun3509d ago

mini games on PSN do not have trophies.

SuperStrokey11233508d ago

WHy is someone disagreeing with you... its a fact.

Christopher3508d ago

It's a mini. It will have it's own in-game achievement system, but not PSN trophies.

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