Killzone 3 Akmir Snowdrift & Kaznan Jungle Multiplayer Gameplay

Multiplayer footage from the maps Akmir Snowdrift & Kaznan Jungle.

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Oldman1002823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Wow these maps look great. There are some things I'd like to point out in the multiplayer and single player demo:

-They took out the continuous melee bash that was present in killzone 2.

-The ISA assault rifles front iron site disappears when engaging a.d.s looking through the holographic.(Also present in killzone 2)

-The ISA assault rifles taped secondary magazine never gets used.(Same as in killzone 2, In the first killzone it was actually used.)

-Unnecessary cocking of most weapons after reloading.(shouldn't have to if you still have a round in the chamber). Wouldn't hurt to have more detailed/varied reload animations.

-For a series that tries to portray weightiness I find the transition to aim down sight abnormally fast.

Just some minor "issues" I wanted to share. I'm a sucker for small details. Anything else you think would help improve this awesome series? Anyways I'm itching to pick this up, I hope everyone else enjoys it!

Flashwave_UK2823d ago

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contiuos melee bash wtf its 2 hit which took SKILL