Amazon Selling 3DS For Absolutely Amazing Price

The 160GB slim PlayStation 3, and now this? Amazon are currently selling the Nintendo 3DS for an absolutely amazing price which will be hard to refuse seeing how big of a discount it is from its original price.

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TXIDarkAvenger2794d ago

wow thats freakin awesome, first the PS3 and now the 3DS.

Fishy Fingers2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Wow, that's £5 less than many other places, simply incredible....

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Stealth20k2794d ago

its funny how people were bitching about the price in europe...............

goes to show you how the kiddys dont understand how the industry works

Chromer2794d ago

but honestly I'm having a hard time justifying paying that price for a DS with 3D built in. Also with the battery life, I'll just wait for the inevitable revision. Also, the NGP needs to be priced at a competitive price or I won't be buying that either.

schlanz2794d ago

DUDE! It isn't a DS, man, it's a 3DS, which has graphics that takes craps on the DS. You should still be genuinely excited about it. And honestly, when was the last time you played a handheld for 5-6 hours without a break or a source of electricity?

Anyway you've made it clear you are a pretty price-sensitive shopper. But millions more are not, especially when it comes to having the newest and best technology. The 3DS will be that to the handheld market of over 170 million people (this gen alone), and on the strength of a brand which in the past 6 years has not only exploded into the mainstream market, but maintained the support of a significant amount of its millions-strong fanbase.

Developers have been flocking to the 3DS thanks to its apparent promise to sell millions straight out of the gate, and in the process there promises to be an amazingly diverse library within a few years.

The NGP also looks to have a lot of support in its future thanks largely to Sony and its studios, and it will be sure to have a few blockbusters and a lot of other solid titles every year as is par with the PS3 (although this year it is imminently more than a few.)

Eventually both systems will have price drops and you might end up getting both; I think a lot of serious gamers will anyway. But there is no guarantee of that happening a year, or even two years from now. The question is how long do you want to wait?

Chromer2794d ago

that dropping a couple of hundo on a handheld would be worth it. Like I did with my PS3/360, I waited a few years before I got them so I could get it at a cheaper price and have a library of games to choose from. I'm not a patient person but when it comes to first releases of game consoles and handhelds, one can never be too cautious.

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The story is too old to be commented.