TGV - Hey, make a new Chrono game!

Revisiting the Chrono series and what made it not only an adored game by the fanbase, but one of the most sought-after games for a sequel for the past 11 years.

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borisfett2797d ago

One can dream, at least. Not gonna hold my breath though.

ComboBreaker2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Wada: "If only I could understand what gamers want... Oh hey, look, a check from Microsoft! Anyway, what was I saying?"

Darkfocus2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

I hate square for killing that great looking 3D remake >:(

they're so protective of their IP's yet they don't even use them....

Infernostew2797d ago


I know, right. I can't understand for the life of me why some companies don't use good fan remakes and translations as a chance for them to make money for a small cost. They should also use this enthusiasm of fans for hirings since it seems from translation in the past (and sometimes present) that they really don't give a shit about the material that they're translating. At least pay someone who's passionate about the games/series to work hard for something they like. Especially with something like the Mother 3 english translation. I can't understand how Nintendo let that one go. They could've hired those guys or even paid for their work and did a full release. They lost a lot of money from fans by not localizing that game.

sakuratsuji2797d ago

That seems to be Square's thought process with many of their series anymore. But then again, Square's taken a turn in their games from good, heart filled and just entertaining games to anything that just might make money.


siliticx2797d ago

I'm playing the original on PS3 right now... so gonan play that leaked sequel next and i'd do anything for a remake OR requel

Herminator2797d ago

I wonder if they could ever get Toriyama and everyone to get to do something like this.

sakuratsuji2797d ago

Toriyama's doing other games, so I don't see why not :/

Sidology2797d ago

Honestly, I'm kinda sick of all the Chrono Trigger/Cross characters looking like LULZ DRAGONBALL Z CHARACTERS.

I'd be interested in someone else doing the character designs.

Baka-akaB2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

how can you be sick of it , when there is only one game with toryama's design ? Makes no sense

Your wish was already fullfilled with chrono cross

Herminator2796d ago

@Baka, he does every Dragon Quest game, as well as Blue Dragon and others.

NukaCola2797d ago

been asking....seems it'll never happen. i read somewher one time it's because the team that work on the game would never be in the same place again. also umatsu isnt doing the music for se anymore, and i doubt toriyama is going to contribute.

what hear me out, what if they did a chrono with the level 5 and studio ghibli teams?

sakuratsuji2797d ago

Well, with some of the team together for Mistwalker studios, I don't see it as not being impossible, especially if Square would work something out that they could do the game. And Toriyama's art is slowly dwindling down after so many years with his own studio, but it might be refreshing for him to do something besides all the one-shots that he's been prone to recently...

If SE could just let go of the series, I don't see why Studio 5 and Ghibli wouldn't jump on that. But, I'm sure there's a lot of politics behind the scenes that keep it from happen :|

Sidology2797d ago

I'm always left bitter by the fact that Square-Enix is SO protective of their IPs.

Fans don't want to make money off of their labors of love, they just want everyone to enjoy it as much as they do. I understand where Square-Enix is coming from, but they have to understand where the fans are coming from, too.

Like I said in my comment on the site, I wish they would tie in what happened with Porre after the events of Chrono Trigger and perhaps tie it back into a new game.

Still, one can dream. There's so much in that world left unexplained and we can only speculate to fill in the blanks.

Sidology2797d ago

I would also like to say that Parasite Eve 2 was pretty much the last we'd seen of Aya Brea.

Or so we thought until the 3rd Birthday was announced.

And that came out around the same time as Chrono Cross did.

I wouldn't necessarily say *all* hope is lost, but the future of a new game in this particular series is pretty wrought in despair.

PirosThe4th2797d ago

I wouldn't mind if it comes on something like the PSP or NGP, Hell or even the 3DS. But as long as they make it. It's all good.

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