GK | Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a mile-a-minute experience that's thoroughly entertaining, but lacks the innovation to make it a classic.

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TXIDarkAvenger2795d ago

a little late dont u think?

mushroomwig2795d ago

He's also just submited the 'Force Unleashed 2' review, I wonder why they're so slow?

mattfong2795d ago

Thx for pointing that out :-)

mattfong2795d ago

Yeah very late but better late than never ... its gone back to the top of the UK Chart #1 spot.

WiIIiam2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I'm canceling my pre-order.

cochise3132795d ago

Who cares, this broken ass game is shot to hell.

Gamer_Z2795d ago

More like thoroughly broken

Horny2795d ago

i traded mine in. I ended up watching a game in theater mode and noticed the difference in lag.