Clive Barker: Roger Ebert is a Pompous, Arrogant Old Man

The video games as art debate rages on and it's gotten personal. Filmmaker Clive Barker (whose game Jericho ships next month) has taken a shot at Roger Ebert while proclaiming that video games will be showcased as art in museums around the world one day.

Regarding the whole "games as art" debate, Barker said he feels that video games have the potential to take us "everywhere – the same places all art can take us."

He continued, "If you walk into the National Gallery in London, you are presented with masterpieces of impressionism and glorious Dutch miniatures and so on... countless styles and forms of genius represented. One day it'll be like that for games... and we will be looking at these things the way we look at the great animated cartoons of Disney."

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Witty Comment4043d ago

that Clive Barker looked that much like Jerry Seinfeld.

Bnet3434043d ago

Dude I know, thats an old picture though

Genki4043d ago

If Ebert doesn't consider games art, great, that's his opinion. I hardly see how the opinion of a so called professional is any more valid than anyone elses.

I will say this though, I consider it an insult to the hard work of the developers to dismiss the notion that anyone else could consider their work as art.

You don't think it's art, fine. But don't dare tell me what I can or can't interpret it as.

Bnet3434043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Here's some games so play:

Okami, Team Fortress 2, Halo 3 (comic book art style), Viva Pinata, and Eternal Sonata

ElementX4043d ago

Roger Ebert should stick to commenting on movies.

Bnet3434043d ago

that Halo 3 outsold Harry Potter, or any other movie. He'd be shocked!

MrTangent4043d ago

Kigmal, I don't think Halo 3 has outsold Harry Potter or Spiderman 3 or Transformers just yet. Not by a long shot. I'm not saying it's not a huge seller or anything but the gross revenue of the worldwide sales of those aforementioned films is gigantic. Halo 3 will take months, if ever, to reach those numbers.

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The story is too old to be commented.