Exposed! The fame hungry Xbox Mom who charges for interviews

A few weeks ago, a Mother went to the press to tell a story about how her Son allegedly ran up a bill of £1000 on Xbox LIVE. The story eventually hit a number of national press-outlets. One might feel an ounce of sympathy for her, but it seems she's just using the whole situation to get famous and make a dollar or two in the process.

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Bathyj2794d ago

I knew that Tranny was trouble the second I laid eyes on her.

brew2794d ago

Jeff Gerstmann was irresponsible in his younger days. Wrap it up boys and girls. Let this be a lesson to you.

chainer30002794d ago

Shocking, a mother who let her son run up over a thousand dollars on XBL is looking for her 15 minutes of fame to be extended and then whored out for money? What is the world coming to?

I don't know how this even made the news, or how that kid could spend 1,000 bucks on XBL in any reasonable period of time.

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The story is too old to be commented.