Top Spin 4 Will Ace Top Spin 3’s Gameplay

Although it might be a tad early to announce “Game, Set, Match” for Top Spin 4, the game is already shaping up to be a real contender. Judging by comments from Gameplay Designer Remi Ercolani, Top Spin 4 could be the most realistic tennis game ever.

This is mainly because the gameplay will be a lot more balanced than when it was in Top Spin 3. From my experience with Top Spin 3, the game did not allow you to play with varying styles. The game only rewarded players who were able to hit the ball as hard as possible. There were no chances for net or defensive players to win any points. All the matches were much like long baseline rallies from the back of the court.

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btk2823d ago

"Maybe this was the reason the game is not on Xbox 360’s Kinect. The gameplay would be too difficult to play just by stroking your hand in the air."

Seems like most reviews favor Top Spin 4 over Virtua Tennis for realism.

Objective2823d ago

Tennis is one of those games that I think will be much more fun if properly implemented on Kinect than on a controller. Tennis and golf are all in the stroke, so I can't imagine getting a greater sense of realism by pressing buttons instead.

maverick8782823d ago

How could anything ever top the realism of Wii Tennis?


(Please note the sarcasm in this comment before you downvote me and tell me the 8,645 ways Wii Tennis is not accurate :))

showtimefolks2823d ago

and not have 3 buttons for 3 different shots

2 good/great tennis games are coming out this year i am more of VT fan

SwampCroc2823d ago

I think this game is going to get stellar reviews..