Beautiful Katamari new gameplay (roundup)

You just got to love the simplicity of this game. It has been a big hit on the PS2 before it'll hit the 360 on October 15 made by Namco Bandai.

Gamevideos is putting many videos online, Xboxkings as normal has a big fat roundup in one article of them. Embedded after the jump are:

- Bless My Stars
- Boyfriend A Go Go
- Colorfull Heart
- Danketsu
- Guru Guru Gravity

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CyberSentinel4039d ago

It's an interactive screen saver, nothing more.

If THIS is what we got to learn from "the japanese" then I will stick with Halo 3.

Thank god sales reflect how right I am.
(as always)

ElementX4039d ago

I have this game paid for already. I only played a bit of some Katamari game on PS2 and I enjoyed it. It's quirky and a nice option if you want to play something lowkey, or happen to be on shrooms, like I was when I played it ;)

TheMART4038d ago

I still have to see about this game... but it could be mindless fun for sure!

iceice1234038d ago

This is a game that should only be on handhelds.

Pete_Approved4038d ago

I allready played the demo.. sure is funny! but I don`t know much about the missions you have to complete.. lol. just roll around.