Lens of Truth - Retro Head2Head: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Dreamcast vs. Xbox)

Lens of Truth writes ""Choose your alter ego" Welcome back for another Retro Head2Head. This week, we focus our lens on the arcade classic “Marvel Vs Capcom 2”. What better way to celebrate the release of MVC 3 with the game that inspired it! We all know that this game was one of Dreamcast's trophy titles and one which is considered by many to be an “Arcade perfect port”! So stick around to see which combo-stomping version wins the title of The “True arcade port"!"

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Baron792823d ago

Man LOT Kick ass, Marvel vs Capcom 3 analysis and now this.. EPIC

RudeSole Devil2823d ago

Yea but I loved this game. I think I like this version better than MVC3.

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Joe Bomb2823d ago

Xbox got crushed! Dreamcast all the way with this one.

matt_hooper2822d ago

I think I like the thickness of the xbox characters a little better but I can't believe its actually missing background details.

Shogun Master2823d ago

No contest, the actual Naomi based DC crushes the measly little Xbox.

Tempjf2823d ago

Yeah this is one of my favorite games of all time!! Glad to see other 4 people on here like this game as well.

come_stains2823d ago

Man I would love to see a X-men vs Street fighter comparison from the LOT. Saturn Vs PS1!! I bet PS1 would mop the floor!!

Iceballs2823d ago

You must be joking right? You couldn't even switch characters in the PS1 version, that port is garbage.

As for MvsC2, DC wipes the floor with the xbox version.

RudeSole Devil2823d ago

Not so sure about that one there Dunbar,.

just_the_tip2823d ago

Need to see that one first

Shogun Master2822d ago

You definitely don't want to see that one. And the PS1 would get smoked.

hackersdelight2822d ago

don't embarrass Sony any more

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