Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Achievement / Trophy Guide with Video

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has taken the fighting genre to new heights. It’s a rare game that caters to both the hardcore and casual gamers. Use this guide to increase your gamerscore and trophy count!

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Invadersims2797d ago

Awesome, I needed the help!

jaredhart2797d ago

I might have to platinum this game.

vicious69832797d ago

Those missions are the only hard achievements in the game. It's so frustrating lol.

M-Easy2797d ago

I just gave up at 97% completion I cant get get those 320 missions. Still need like a 100 more ugh.

xVeZx2797d ago

i wonder if the DLC characters will have missions to make it a little easier to get the 320...i can maybe get up to like the 6th mission before im like ok next i give up

Jikla2797d ago

The 91 combo thing is easier with Dante, Deadpool and Ryu. You can easily get 107 hit with their uni attack.