Donations pour in for PS3 hacker; Sony court battle continues

George Hotz is in the middle of what could be a long, punishing legal battle with Sony, and his money is running out. "Media, I need your help. This is the first time I have ever asked. Please, if you support this cause, help me out and spread the word," he wrote on his newest blog entry. "I want, by the time this goes to trial, to have Sony facing some of the hardest hitting lawyers in the business. Together, we can help fix the system."

Ars Technica contacted Hotz's lawyer to make sure this plea for cash was legitimate, and attorney Stewart Kellar confirmed that yes, the money raised goes to Hotz's legal fund to fight Sony. It also appears Hotz has friends with deep pockets; the first round of fundraising is already over, and more lawyers will be hired for Hotz's defense.

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DragonWarrior2794d ago

Get all the lawyers you want you little bastard. The only people that support you are hackers. We don't like your kind around here. Go smoke a pole.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I hate these damn hackers, I hope Sony wins their court case, hell I'd donate money to Sony if it helped them win.


fantasygamer2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

If you're giving away free money M4ndat0ry_1nstall id like some too. ^-^

@ M4ndat0ry_1nstall:

If you have the means to afford the games why pirate? there are plenty of charities that could actually use that money.

Dedero2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I'll take some too. "A fool and his money are soon parted." Everyone get in line for free money!

Dedero2794d ago

Some high quality trolling right there.

fantasygamer2794d ago

@ M4ndat0ry_1nstall

LOL! you're just a bad joke of a troll.

M-Easy2794d ago

How sad is this he's begging for money just like a homeless drunk smh. Ah bleed him dry Sony bleed him dry. If he's such a genius why doesn't he just hack peoples CC and bank accounts for the dough?

Scary692794d ago

@ FantasyGamer

Could not agree more, rather then supporting this douche bag put the money to good use like charities or research for cancer and other diseases. I am surprise people have not shown up at this morons house asking to put his a$$ in jail with

Soldierone2794d ago

Lmao a few donations isn't going to stop Sony. Sony is a billionaire company, and this pirate shit needs to stop. Sony will soon gain the support of Microsoft and other game developers and thats what a real donation will be.

Meanwhile Sony and other people are tracking where these donations come from in case things need to go further.

r1sh122794d ago

people like anonymous will support these sorts of causes.
To an extent I agree that sony cannot win this case..
But only time will tell

Acquiescence2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

when Sony eventually win, bleed him dry of all his assets and all those donations handed to him were all for naught. Money thrown out of the window.

Go Sony!

NewMonday2794d ago

What happened to the pro bono lawyers?

morganfell2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

It's laughable to hear this idiot geohot claim he wants to fix the system. What system would that be? The one where he is not allowed to break the law and get away with it?

I think it is wonderful that he continues to open his mouth. There isn't a lawyer in the business that enjoys nor believes it beneficial to the case to have a hot headed, egotistical client that continues to jabber to the press.

ImHereNow2794d ago

I paypal'd a $1000

hope it helps keep up the fight man

StbI9902794d ago

LOL ^^^^^^^^^...I paypapal´d 1,000,000 to sony, hopes they win.

SuperLupe2794d ago

"We don't like your kind around here. Go smoke a pole."

Talk for yourself. I so dont give a $hit that the PS3 got pirated dude you cant even imagine.

I found it funny how people get all worked up for all this crap.

And dont give me the "its hurting the gaming industry" bla bla bla crap. Nobody's going down for a a bunch of hackers pirating games in their basement. It has never happened in the past, nor this gen, nor in the future.

And hell I dont even pirate games, never had, never will.

kwyjibo2794d ago

Re: morganfell

Maybe he'll fix it so the system explicitly allows the jailbreaking of general computing devices just like how they allow the jailbreaking of mobile computing devices.

That'd be a great step. A great win for consumer rights. Yes, you actually own things. But I see that N4G is full of those who value corporate control over consumer choice, I guess it makes you feel safe yeah?

He loved big brother.

rodeoo2794d ago

HACKER DOES NOT MEAN PIRATE. You trolls need to understand this!!! If i buy a piece of hardware i should be able to mod it in anyway i want just so long as i am not pirating.....granted i am a pirate(not a hacker, not smart enough) and sony, the music and film industry have every right to come after me. Here is 25 bucks

Mahr2793d ago

Wonderful news. That brings us one step closer to hopefully getting a legal precedent on the books that does for the PS3 what geohot did for the iphone.

It's been a long time coming.

ComboBreaker2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Hacker: "I am poor, so I can't afford to buy a game for $60. What's that? Geo needs money? Here you go, Geo, take this $1000 in donations for a legal battle that you will most likely lose."

With all those money the donated to Geo, they could have actually buy some real games with it.

randomwiz2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

You people seriously need to know the difference between a hacker and a cheater/pirate. One of the assignments I remember doing at the uni was to "hack" something (basically we had crash something and then take control of it). They taught us how to "hack" at college.

My point is the blind fanboys on this site look down on hacking without even knowing what it is. The good hackers exist to improve upon the products you own(example: xda-developers). If you've got this far without hitting the disagree button already, I applaud you.

Lord_Doggington2793d ago

uh, money shouldn't dictate justice. sony is trying to starve him out by drawing out the legal battle. the donations are just to keep him afloat until the judge comes to a decision.

ComboBreaker2793d ago

LOL. All those donations going to waste.

How about donating some of those money to hardworking developers instead? Geeze.

Shadow Flare2793d ago

How about using that money to actually buy games. Or even better, if you're going to give money to support something, how about giving to a charity to help save lives, or stop famine or cancer or something. I bet a lot of the retards who supported this have never donated to a charity. Dkheads

Sono4212793d ago

OK I KNOW what hacking is and this kid enabled hacking and pirating for any dumbass with a USB and all hacking has brought is not being able to play a damn game online without it being a hacked lobby how fun is that for gaming? Last I checked you bought the PS3 for gaming and if hacking ruins it why would you support it? Also all these things he is hacking to do could be done BEFORE! This is the part you guys don't understand THIS COULD ALL BE DONE BEFORE with the Other OS. With the other OS you could customize your PS3 how you want BUT Gehot decided to try to hack further with it and try to be able to pirate games with it so Sony had to take it away. You all complain about not being able to do what you want on your PS3 when YOU ALREADY COULD and this guy got it taken from you, the funniest part is YOU SUPPORT HIM! Also just a question, why DIDN'T you use it back then? I know very few of you did and when they did get rid of it ALMOST no one complained on here, now all of a sudden this lawsuit comes up then you care? I don't understand your logic at all. I think you are all donating because he brought back what Sony took away but HE IS THE ONE THAT GOT IT TAKEN AWAY! Also you say he didn't actually permit pirating but he did! He pretty much gave you the tools to do it. Its like he gave you a puzzle and said here solve it and you can pirate games, if it wasn't for him games wouldn't be getting pirated.
----------------------------- -------------------

So to sum up all geohot has done is allow pirating and ruin online games, and Sony has taken away one feature (Because of him) that hardly anybody used and they did it to stop piracy.

ComboBreaker2793d ago

At first, I thought it was going to be another wall of text post.

Sono4212793d ago

Instead of ignorantly disagreeing how about you tell exactly whats wrong with my comment huh?
OR is it just the fact you can't handle the truth?
Geohot DIRECTLY caused piracy and i'm sure that cocky kid is proud of it which is such a sad thing.
Had to say something on topic :)

Mahr2793d ago

"Also all these things he is hacking to do could be done BEFORE!"

Nope. 100% false. OtherOS enabled a teeny tiny fraction of the type of mods the Homebrew community is currently working on.

"Sony has taken away one feature... they did it to stop piracy"

If Sony's intention in taking away OtherOS was to stop piracy, they clearly failed.

On the bright side, because they took it away, we now have more (and better) opportunities for Homebrew than ever before.

Thank you, Sony!

CarlosX3602793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

God. Really? PEOPLE are actually PAYING this lil douchebag? PEOPLE are this STUPID?

These people. are actually. PAYING geoHotz to fight this suit?

So, I'm guessing these people the same people who would rather pay a criminal to carry out crimes in their own neighborhood turf? These same donators would rather have GeoHotz continue being a hacker and NOT learn from this? Hm?

Okay, so, let me get this straight, the media gives a lot of disdain at criminals that do a lot of the illegal stuff but donators are paying... a HACKER.

A hacker, people. A kid that has nothing better to do than sit on his behind and hack YOUR consoles, and leave YOU vulnerable to attacks of ANY kind.

You're actually telling me, that you want to let this kid get away with what he did? I'm ashamed of being a true gamer, because all of you are just retards!

BTW, when sony said GeoHotz was profitting from this "hacking." They were telling the truth, this donation pool is more telling than anything. I have faith that Sony wins this suit.

Sono4212793d ago

Mahr, you are right you couldn't do everything before you could do everything LEGAL everything that is NEW that you COULDN'T do before is illegal. and Sony failed yes but thats only because he got the console root key, which he only got because Kevin Butler tweeted it, then from there Geohot went crazy hacking the PS3 and no good has come from it, we would be better off if Kevin never tweeted it and Geohot never hacked it. Heck we would be better of if Geohot never lived because we would still have the other OS and all LEGAL abilities that come with it.

Anon19742793d ago

Just as has been pointed out before, the PS3 had Linux and was wide open for homebrew. Geohotz actions had this feature removed.

Remember when he first hacked the PS3, simply to prove he could?

"Basically, I used hardware to open a small hole and then used software to make the hole the size of the system to get full read/write access," he said in an interview. "Right now, although the system is broken, I have great power."

Then they removed the OtherOS. Well done, jack off. So what does he do. He takes the work of other hackers and uses it to steal secure codes - then unleashes them to the net.

You can be damn sure if he stole your passwords and leaked them to the net, you'd have something to say about it. Hotz was interviewed about this on the BBC and flat out admitted that this would enable rampant piracy. That's been his game all along. Then he sits back and let's the donations role in.

Hang em high. The guy's a spoiled attention whore and he needs to be put back in his place. Obey the law and stop ruining it for everyone else.

Spydiggity2793d ago

we didn't need 300 fanboys leaving the same comment here, people. read what other people wrote. you collectively sound like a broken record. a REALLY immature broke record.

Zydake2793d ago

Um. any1 know where he lives? I'm getting tired of him and I'd like to introduce to him my fist. Thanks in advance.

Rainstorm812793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )


Wait a minute?? Kevin Butler had the sony root key and tweeted it on twitter????


I dont know who is dumber in that situation Kevin Butler for tweeting it, or Sony for allowing an actor to have access to such important information......Sony needs to tighten up security 10 fold....

On Topic:

How is it hurting the gaming industry, SuperLupe? Look at the PSP.....that probably the most pirated gaming console currently.

Yep 118 billion in damages....118 bil would hurt any industry...yen or dollars

Mahr2793d ago

"Mahr, you are right you couldn't do everything before you could do everything LEGAL"

Sure, just like in the days of Jim Crow laws, black people on a bus could sit anywhere LEGAL (i.e., in the back).

"everything that is NEW that you COULDN'T do before is illegal"

There are plenty of things I can do now that cause no harm to anyone, and they should therefore not be illegal.

"and Sony failed yes but thats only because he got the console root key, which he only got because Kevin Butler tweeted it"

You're mixing up your facts again.

A. Kevin Butler didn't tweet the root key, he tweeted the USB key.

B. Kevin Butler's tweet came about a month *after* geohot released his tools.

"Heck we would be better of if Geohot never lived because we would still have the other OS and all LEGAL abilities that come with it."

We would most certainly not be better off with Homebrew that failed to enable fan translations, region-lock bypassing, et cetera.

"Just as has been pointed out before, the PS3 had Linux and was wide open for homebrew"

Please stop conflating 'being open at all' with 'being completely open'.

OtherOS was not 'wide open', it was open a miniscule crack. Why do you think almost no one used it?

"Obey the law and stop ruining it for everyone else"

If the law is reformed to meet basic standards of reasonableness, as happened in Spain, then certainly.

MUNKYPOO2793d ago

I would rather donate money to Sony to see this guy lose or be buried in debt. People like this ruin gaming for everyone. We would still have stuff like Other OS and probably more features on PSN but sony has to use their resources to combat against this stuff.

BkaY2793d ago

i am not going to support geo on this one....

after watching what happened to CODMW2 online...

no way in hell.....

to me he is "world most dumbest smart guy"...


Kurt Russell2793d ago

Go on you hackers!! Show the N4G nerds who is boss.

iPlayGamez2793d ago

WOW!! NO ONE here knows what they are even talking about. two guys here actually think KEVIN BUTLER is the reason the ps3 got hacked.

OT anyways GEOHOT wasnt the cause of piracy on PS3 at all or the hacked lobbies in MW2.

1. backup manager (aka pirating application) has been on PS3 since September a full 4 months before Geohot ever got involved.

2. i have a friend that did hacked lobbies on Ps3 MW2 in JUNE oF LAST YEAR. well before the ps3 was even hacked. hacking MW2 and hacking your ps3 is two different things.

3. do you guys know what the latest update did? look it up.

4.i dont pirate games but i dont act high and mighty because of it. who here has NEVER ONCE IN YOUR LIFE downloaded a single song off the internet. well have any body ever watched a youtube video, noticed that they used a copyrighted song but still decided to watch anyway, knowing that wasnt authorized use of the song?

TheMrMadzen2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Luckily Sony don't need puny donations to win a case. I gonna say it again. Geohot, you little shit, you lose!

Heartnet2793d ago

Hmm ive never seen the point in having multiple lawyers.. Just get 1 really good one?

XeNoStRatoS2793d ago

@fantasygamer: It's not about the facts GeoHotz states - he might be right about the issue that if you have bought a system you can do whatever you would like to. I can absolutely agree to this point of view. On the other hand denying to have opened the flood gates for people who have illegal and annoying interests is simply a lie... And I wish he hadn't done so because now you can get banned if you are unlucky and a freakin' hacker kid bans you insted of itself and the cheaters who destroy the experience for every legitimate gamer suck as well. They have to be punished and the inventor who opened the gate for them as well since he took the responsibilty by releasing the Jailbreak.

llMurcielagoll2793d ago

Come to think of it, you don't have to 'donate' to Sony, if you are buying their original retailed copy of games whether its digital or hard copies, then you are already supporting Sony against piracy lol. (at least that is how I understood it)

Delicious Malicious2793d ago

I see Microsoft Donating to Geohot just to mess with sony and that is AWESOME!

Dee_912793d ago

this is malarkey !!!

XBOTS ARE GIVING HIM DONATIONS sneaking money out they mother purse
BILL GATES GAVE HIM $500,000,000
good luck sony
im behind you 100%

Dee_912793d ago

just give it time
im not even sweating it because karma is a bitch and it will fuck him right when he is at the top of his game
not now ..... its too soon my son

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KRATOS-PS32794d ago

HACKING SUCKS! At most if you're ain't aiming for the very big deal. But these kind of Console-Hacking is sad.

FACTUAL evidence2794d ago

Wow people are actually giving this chump money?...SMH. Just when I thought people couldn't get even dumber.

the_kutaragi_baka2794d ago

don't underestimate the ignorance of humans dude.

Seferoth752794d ago

True look how many lined up for a PS3 after Sony went out of their way to call their user base complete morons that would buy anything tha carried the Sony name. 50 million and counting

Lovable2794d ago


Lol someone's bitter. It's ok. There's just some people who can't afford it and unfortunately you're one of them.

MeanOldman2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

looky looky. somebody is jealous of all the sony exclusives and their taking over second place in sales. they also must be mad at havin a company that thinks casual gamin is the way to go. buy anything with a nbame on it? zune much?

karl2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

the funny thing is that this people probablu thinks they are fighting for freedom or who knows what..


chainer30002793d ago

For every issue, there are people on both sides... as dumb as it seems.

That said, there is no way he can raise enough money to fight a legal battle of this scale. Sony will bleed his legal funding dry through months and months of grinding court battles. Sony can afford it - they've got a team of lawyers on call 24/7... Mr. Hotz, however, has limited supply and is requesting cash BEFORE it has even hit the first round of the fight.

Tdmd2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I'm shocked too... it's sad to see what sort of good those with deep pockets choose to do with their money.

evrfighter2793d ago

Indeed don't underestimate the ignorance of humans. Look at how much ppl here on n4g side with corporations. They enjoy giving money to suits who care nothing for them.

nskrishna22793d ago

'There are 2 things which are infinte in this world. One is human stupidity and the other, The Universe. And i'm not sure about the Universe' -Albert Enistien

WitWolfy2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

you guys are acting like immature hypocritical brats.

acting like you never modded anything before in your life. I might just as well be mad at the person that created that PC accelerator seeing that it made my PC better then what it was.. THE NERVE OF HIM!!!!

ProGrasTiNation2793d ago

Not knowing all the facts & being blind to the bigger picture is just as dumb!

Dee_912793d ago

keep hacking on pc and off consoles

ZombieNinjaPanda2793d ago


Who the hell gave you the right to tell him what to do with what he owns?

Dee_912792d ago

lol yes
i was telling him to personally do that

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ugo2794d ago ShowReplies(3)
morkendo232794d ago

what'd?? who the hell geohotz think he is O.J. SIMPSON and his mighty DREAM TEAM?? your going to LOSE!!!! HACKER. lets see you hack your arse out of jail.

SoSLy2794d ago

I'd laughing if he actually "O.J"'d this case.

Vega752793d ago

Sonys doesn't stand a chance. They are going to lose this fight just like they lost the battle with the dongles being sold. I support geohot and failoverflow because I own my consoles. They weren't giving to me by Sony. I'm not leasing my system. I've brought and paid for it and if I want to hack it then I can.

Vaud-Villian2793d ago

Totally agree, this case sets the precedent that while Sony owns the network, I own my hardware and can do as I please.

hakis862794d ago

SERIOUSLY he's getting money? What a bunch of morons paying him: they just made him one step closer to an actual "pirate" - paying this guy for providing code that can enable pirated games - and no money to the devs.