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Sangheili854946d ago

Wonder how high it will be once they add up all the sales from first day release of other countries.

The Brave 14945d ago

3 halo 3 packages average $85
$170 million divided by $85 is=2million copies
Spiderman 3=$11 a ticket
$160 million box office weekend divided by 11=14+million tickets sold
Being able to shut deadbox360 fanboys the fuk up!=PRICELESS
Microsoft only people that are disinformed go with your console and your stupid made up stories.U can say im a fanboy ,however the facts talk for themselves.PLAYSTATION 3 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Silver3604945d ago

Halo sold 170 million in one day not a weekend which is two days

The Brave 14945d ago

Your a fukin idiot.If they sold 2million on day one (1.7million were preorders),how do u think they r going to sell more than 14 million in 1 more day.Thats why i hate these freaking deadbox360 fanboys!they just say the most stupid things.

cuco334945d ago

go troll somewhere else.

halo3 was predicted to sell very well and this is proof alone. i'm not one to compare both forms of entertainment but it's clear they are looking at the overall revenue from cost to consumer as opposed to cost of product. 170mil is impressive to say the least. the game is great, not my cup of tea but definitely great and worth the $60 easy which will also move systems. has your ps3 had any title like this yet? oh thats right... you're still playing the waiting game

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ghost3054946d ago

so is this a gold mine or diamond mine???? i bet studio execs are desperately trying to put up gaming developper and publisher companies about now since it is more profitable than the movie industry. Since u have actors who demand lots of money, plus advertising and all, the gaming industry has become more profitable than the movie industry.

SKullDugger4946d ago

Flame war to begun soon as SONY FAN BOYS read this. Numbers don't lie, but I'm sure the SONY FAN BOYS will figure out away to down play the sales figures.

tehcellownu4946d ago

It includes all Halo 3 Limited Edition scratched disks..Halo 3 sold the same amount as Halo 2, then their nothing to be surprise at all..

PimpHandHappy4946d ago

for all things Halo

Burger King Cups

oh wait

no need to wait for that

kornbeaner4946d ago

There were slurpee cups availible at 7-11 about a month before launch.
there were 3 in the collection(I got all 3). not big on Halo but as a gamer I gotta respect Bungie for developing a game that put pressure in the industry to try and recreate on that success. Don't like Halo dont like Microsoft, but hats-off to Bungie they give fans what they want and it shows.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4946d ago

Halo 3 games? Legendary Edition, Controllers, do they count the XBOX 360 Halo edition console?

Sangheili854946d ago

Lighting don't try to make excuses for the numbers you know damn well its just the game. Maybe all editions of the game but the game.

ps3gogetitt4946d ago

standard, legendary and collectors....