New MotorStorm Apocalypse Sreenshots

GR - "Brand New MotorStorm Apocalypse screenshots raise the roof"

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StillGray2822d ago

It looks fucking awesome!

waltyftm2822d ago

Agreed, Cant wait for this to grace my Ps3.

smurfz2822d ago

For sure! This game is going to be awesome!

BIGTRIN2822d ago

Man technology and graphic just keep on getting better... this is just amazing...

rufioho2822d ago

I am just luke warm on the one

TXIDarkAvenger2822d ago

This game is fuckin epic. Sigh* I wish I had PS3...

halocursed2822d ago

Start saving up. That's what I did, plus online is FREE!

TXIDarkAvenger2822d ago

Yeah I'd save up for PS3. Although online free, it isn't great and paying for online has lots of advantages other than just playing multiplayer online. Ex. Xbox owners got First Strike DLC first even though it really isn't something to be proud of since its crap except zombies lol.

kaveti66162822d ago

Getting something a couple of months before somebody else isn't really any advantage.

And paying to play online so far hasn't really brought anything to XBL that was worth the cost.

I like party chat a lot, though.

Bathyj2822d ago

So its crap, but you get it early.

So you'll probably be sick of it by the time we get to play it.

Thats really not a selling point dude.

Bathyj2822d ago

You'se wanted a racing game with damage.

This is it.

DigitalRaptor2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

GT5 is awesome for those interested in cars and realistic driving simulation. But if that isn't for you, then perhaps you might enjoy MotorStorm Apocalypse. What I appreciate, is that Sony is bringing out games for all demographics.

MotorStorm is the purely fun arcade racer with the hardcore edge and thrills that will surely make it the ultimate multiplayer racer this generation - The best off-road racer that has ever been.

Bathyj2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Oh, its for me. You misunderstand me. You're preaching to the choir dude. I agree with everything you just said.

I was just making the point, GT was NEVER about damage, never about crashing your car or painting Pokemon and Masterchief on it. They could have left it out for all I care, I wish they had because to many people were too focused on it and they could have spent the time on more premium cars or even implementing bikes.

If I want wild and woolly arcade racing, (and to trash my car) THIS is the game to get, not GT. GT is for Sim driving. This, is the best OFFROAD racer yet.

Just like Uncharted, LBP and Killzone, Motorstorm is a franchise that only gets bettered by its own sequel.

DigitalRaptor2822d ago

Dude, don't worry. I wasn't disagreeing with you at all. When I say "you" I'm talking generally.

I'm just glad Sony are offering a game for everyone. I have been interested in GT5 since before I got my PS3. I respect the franchise and I know what GT5 has to offer - not just to gamers but to fans of automotive culture. But I know it's not for me.

MotorStorm Apocalypse however, is a game I KNOW I can get into and it's definitely more accessible for those fans of racing games with a PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.