Goodbye Blockbuster

Goodbye Blockbuster you will be missed

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DragonWarrior2797d ago

I dont get why they are going out of business? Are they just too fuckin lazy to be competitive? I know the blockbuster by my house isn't closing. So what gives?

beavis4play2796d ago

the guys at my local blockbuster said they weren't closng either - that was 3 months ago.......they are now closing.
i can't figure out what the problem is - obviously they need to compete against netflix.....and i've read that blockbuster has had huge financial issues over the last 3 years. i guess it caught up with them.

btw - blockbuster is on the "top 10" list for companies that won't be in existence by the end of 2011. radio shack is on there too.

Errol James2796d ago

Everyone uses Redbox around here. Movies for $1 dollar a day > Blockbusters deals

beavis4play2796d ago

you're right on the popularity of redbox. i use netflix but some of my friends (who aren't online) love redbox......and everytime i go to walmart there are people using the service.

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TXIDarkAvenger2797d ago

I honestly could live without Blockbuster.Although back in the day, it was awesome.
Now days u could just stream movies/TV episodes like from Netflix or Rogers here in Canada. Having digital copies has become quite popular.

FanboyPunisher2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Its good for renting games still..

Pozzle2796d ago

I'm surprised they're going out of business, tbh. Whenever I go to Blockbuster, it's always pretty busy. I assumed it was like that in every Blockbuster store. I know I've spent many a dollar at Blockbuster renting movies because I can't download/stream them using my university's computers.

Trunkz Jr2796d ago

Screw Blockbuster, they invaded our town and destroyed our "Talkies Home Video", a store that had provided me with games since NES (i still remember renting Super Mario 3 from there)

It broke my heart to see them go, and the Blockbuster is still here, but I won't be feeling sorry the day they go down.

GameOn2796d ago

I agree. Block buster wiped many video rental stores off the map back in the day.

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The story is too old to be commented.