Crysis 2 Preview

Without a doubt, Crysis 2 is going to be one of the best looking games you'll see on a console. This Is not so much a revelation on the Playstation 3, given the hardware behind it, but seeing as in the Xbox 360 is a little bit behind in the graphics department, colour us impressed as to what Crytek managed to get out of it. Sadly, the recent multiplayer demo showed that the quality doesn’t translate as well online, but then that's usually the way with these games. Another surprise was how well the game looks in 3D as well. Now, for the record, I personally think this 3D craze should be stamped out, but to give credit where credit's due, Crysis 2's use of 3D is actually rather meaningful. They use a concave approach, whereby it starts at the screen and works back, as opposed to things coming 'out' at you like you see in films at the moment.

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sam22362888d ago

*Playing through the game with everything maxed out*



bwazy2888d ago

Gamers owe it to themselves to realllly get a nice gaming PC for this game alone (as thousands have done exclusively for Crysis 1). Its gonna be spectacular!

Ironically though I might get it for xbox depending on how many of my friends decide to get it for their home console...

No mater how ya see it

Friends to play with > Clearly better graphics


plb2888d ago

Kinda agree. Torn for what to get it on. Only know like 1 other person who games on PC but he only plays cs. Might just get ps3 version first and PC later

bwazy2888d ago

Pff, what the hell are you talking about? Its as impressive as hell and I'm not easily impressed.... WOW A BLUE CAR!

Simpson references aside, go spoon your KZ3 and begone.

gamer20102888d ago

If Crysis 2 doesn't impress you then nothing must impress you.

corroios2888d ago

Yeah, Crysis is a good game to play on a PC. Where it truly must shine. On consoles not really.

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