HMV’s 160GB PS3 Price Drop is Mouth-Watering

Although Amazon may be getting all the headlines for dramatically lowering the 160GB slim PlayStation 3′s price, UK high-street retailer HMV has gone one better and are offering a mouth-watering price for the SKU.

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doctorstrange2799d ago

So many retailers are doing it, something must surely be brewing

decimalator2799d ago

Getting rid of inventory of current SKUs for a new SKU to come in? Official price drop? Simple madness?

plb2799d ago

I'd bet official price drop for the 160gb version and either 250/320gb will be the new $299 model

Thecraft19892799d ago

It could just be a price drop or trying to get rid of 3.56 ps3 and replace with newer ps3's maybe an even smaller one with a lower price.

Well if the ps3 dose get to an RRP for any reason below £200 I expect mass shortages and the ps3 selling millions and millions this year.

SWORDF1SH2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Why would they do that? They will still be sold to people so its no advantage for sony by selling them at a discount price to get rid of them quicker.

nickjkl2799d ago

sony sells to store store sells to cutomer


sony gives to store until store sells it and then they give the money from the sell to the store

Hozi892799d ago

if what you say is true...then this would mean I was right a while back when I said Sony might make a new sku and sell out all older models for better prices!

I hope thats really the case.

btw, This has nothing to do with gaming but I plan on visiting England next year. How much is average rent there?

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NJShadow2799d ago

Oh boy, here it comes. Looks like this rumored worldwide price drop is going to be official soon enough.

user94220772799d ago

Hopefully Sony announce it soon; I would buy a PS3 at that price in a heartbeat.

Spitfire_Riggz2799d ago

I would buy TEN!!!! No im kidding I would replace my fatty though.

Vherostar2799d ago

Why wait for announcement?? Buy it now for the price drop price. Unless you already got one and are just saying it..

Dante1122799d ago

Hope it's true, I could use a PS3 slim in my living room.

jimbone792799d ago

Mouth watering? I've never wanted to eat my PS3. Must be a pregnant woman or something.

NJShadow2799d ago

With a little salt, the blu-rays are passable.

HappyGaming2798d ago

Mmmmm fresh new blurays smell so nice...

jimbone792798d ago

Yea I've seen that guy before. Didn't he eat a whole ultra light plane or something? I think he is in Guinness too.

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The story is too old to be commented.