Crysis 2: Hands-On Game Preview (Xbox 360 & PS3) – Beware the Nanosuit

"I had a chance to sit down and get a hands-on demo (in not just two, but three fancy dimensions) of Crysis 2 with the EA team. As a lover of shooters, this was, for me, a big step forward in digital and visual entertainment. The depth of field that is provided by 3D is so enjoyable to experience within the first person shooter genre. It will undoubtedly open many a door and window for the furthering the visual enhancement of the some twenty-five year old genre"-Buzzfocus

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Derekvinyard132823d ago

coulda swore this was posted already but anywho, cant wait for this game looks great

tubers2823d ago

It's not Nomad but Alcatraz xD

Xfanboy2823d ago

Every 15mins someone gets hands on with crysis 2!

tboyshinobi2823d ago

lol... i guess that's kind of like everytime a bell rings an angel gets its wings

shineonjmb2823d ago

Ehhh I think this writer needs to give a bit more detail about the game, but other than that it sounds really interesting and was fun to read! I can't wait to shoot some more aliens in 3D!!!

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