9.0 Killzone 3 Review "At the start of the PlayStation 3's lifecycle, there was a lot of scepticism surrounding the Killzone franchise. The original title didn't live up to expectation and the E3 2005 pre-rendered trailer set the bar exceedingly high for the follow-up, Killzone 2. However, when the game was released in 2009, Guerrilla Games managed to meet those expectations and deliver a new, immersive first-person shooter experience, revitalising the franchise at the same time. We're now two years down the line, Killzone 3 is here and it's ready to raise the bar yet again."

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Hardedge2797d ago

Can't wait to pick up my copy tomorrow!

KRATOS-PS32797d ago

I said it before, I'll have to wait till Friday 25th here in Germany.

norman292797d ago

Same here in the UK :( may get it a day or 2 early depending on the mail man though :)

norman292797d ago

Scratch that, just got an email from Game, orders been processed so should get posted tomorrow :) its all down to you now posty o.O

ShawnCollier2797d ago

Those who played previous games, how easy are the KZ titles to get into for an person new to the FPS genre?

mephman2797d ago

Well, in the easiest difficulty you're basically a supreme bullet sponge.

Hardedge2797d ago

And on the hardest you're just a bullet ridden corpse most of the time :P

Elimin82797d ago

@ mephman + Hardedge.. LOL and L O L. You guys are right, though the hardest difficulty level wasn't TOO bad...

KRATOS-PS32797d ago

Well, you should play on the lowest difficulty level if ur new to FPS. AI in Killzone is pretty badass.

tweex2797d ago

Hellz yeah. I've been waiting for this! My impatience became more severe after playing the beta. Tomorrow is the day!

Ace_19752797d ago

Killzone 3 takes a grenade, pulls the pin, and shoves it up Black Ops ass.

Why oh why do you people still buy that game when there is better out there. Because your friends play it. Well get friends that don't SUCK and start playing Killzone 3

Esena2797d ago


You can't even compare the two, they drastically different FPSs. Killzone is more comparable to BFBC2.

I'm not saying anything bad about COD. I will always love me some Hardcore: S&D, but really to different feels to the FPS genre.

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