HD DVD and Blu-ray: Toward an Endgame

From the Article: "In a recent survey of HDTV owners by NPD Group, a full 73% were satisfied with the picture quality provided by upconverted DVDs for them to become too interested in a high-definition disc player of either format. Other figures are equally shocking, suggesting that the high-def format war may already be over. BetaNews spoke at length with the NPD report's author, analyst Ross Rubin."

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mikeslemonade4039d ago

Upconverted is crap, I can't tell the difference between the picture quality of 480p and 720p upconverted besides the widescreen aspect ratio.

Bonsai12144039d ago

ANYONE who has watched an upconverted DVD and a true 1080p HD movie knows that there is a HUGE difference in picture quality.

i have both upconvert and blu-ray at my house (i'm at college right now), both hooked up to a sony sxrd via hdmi. there is a huge difference. the only people who probably can't tell the difference are those who don't have a 1080p tv larger than 50 inches

Kholinar4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

There's a difference in not being able to tell the difference and being satisfied. Most people don't have 1080p's, so they're not going to appreciate that quality jump. When you add over 50 inches... well, I think you just proved the point.

The article mostly says they're satisfied. They just answered that they don't appreciate it enough to spend several hundred dollars this year.

Shankle4039d ago

I'm not surprised at all by the statistics. The general public don't care about Hi Def. Frankly neither do I. We don't even own a Hi Def telly, let alone have one in my bedroom where my PS3 is.

Covenant4039d ago

"We are well beyond the point in time where we should have been talking about the new, single high-def format eclipsing that critical juncture that marketers and analysts search for, that peak period when titles for high-def exceed those for first-generation DVD. Instead, we're still treating the owners of the first- and second-generation high-def consoles as early adopters, and every other customer as a potential market."

"But like the incessant battle between "great taste" and "less filling," you start to get the feeling nobody ever devised this battle in such a way that it would end."

"NPD calls it, "The High-Definition Content Conundrum:" the seemingly impossible outcome of all the press being given to both sides in the format war leading to a lack of consumer's knowledge about them. Only 29% of all poll respondents, including non-HDTV owners, said they had ever heard of HD DVD; a mere 20% had heard of Blu-ray."

"Probably one of the best precedents is the SACD and DVD Audio war, where neither format was able to supplant the compact disc, which was a very strong legacy competitor."

Best article I've read on this ridiculous format war in a while. Very good points. Anyone who wonders why the average person doesn't know Blu-Ray from a blueberry and is perfectly happy with the standard DVD player they only recently adopted, should read this article.

Nuclear Death4039d ago

this is all bullsh*t believed and put together by bunch of old fogies and non-tech types.

Witty Comment4039d ago

that the old fogies and non tech types make up 90% of the population.

jaja14344039d ago

I'm 23 and am somewhat techy but I have no desire to by an HD-TV, quite happy with what I have now. Its not the best, but who cares.

Boink4039d ago

you live up to your name, bubble 4 u:)

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