Microsoft confirms Kinect SDK release for next month

Microsoft has just confirmed it’s to release an SDK for Kinect in March. The software will initially be limited to non-commercial use.

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plb2795d ago

Great news for devs

callahan092795d ago

A little pissed that the Kinect that came with my 360 doesn't come with a standard USB cable and the power supply, so I can't use it on my PC. Oh well. I was looking forward to the SDK coming out so I could play around with it and maybe put together something cool for XBL Indie Games marketplace. But I'd have to buy a new standalone Kinect just to get the appropriate stuff so I could hook it up to my PC. Bah.

UltimateGameGorilla2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Good luck with your XBL Indie Game.

UltimateGameGorilla2795d ago

Send me a PM when your game is on the XBL Indie Games marketplace and I'll try it out.

gamingdroid2795d ago

Can't you buy the power supply separately?

callahan092795d ago

@gamingdroid: not to my knowledge. I thought it was only available with the full standalone Kinect? I could be wrong though. I hope I am, so that I can use mine with my PC, because I'd prefer not to buy a second Kinect just for use with the PC.

gamingdroid2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere you can buy it straight from MS. The only complaint was that it is going to cost you $20.

Try calling Xbox Support.... There is got to be an upgrade path.

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NYC_Gamer2795d ago

this will help get more creative apps for users to download

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Anon19742795d ago

Too little, too late for me. I've been working on a project using Kinect that wraps up in 3 weeks with zero support using the product from the company that put it out. It's nice for future developers, and thankfully the PC community has been very forthcoming with it's Kinect hacks (otherwise I'd have to product to show for the past 3 months) but it still makes me shake my head that Microsoft released this without a SDK for PC development.


evan more reason for devs to have a go at it. there around 8-10 million kinects out there. bring out a good decent game and you might strike 'oil' so to speak.

DelbertGrady2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

The Indie games channel is about to get (even more) freaky!

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