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gamrReview's Chris M. Arnone reviews Capcom's newest chaotic fighting game, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. "Barely controlled chaos has rarely been this much fun."

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naznatips2795d ago

Just got my copy today. Excited to play it!

Kantor2795d ago

I'll be honest - I'm not really a fan of MvC. I prefer Super Street Fighter. This game might just change my mind, though.

Torillian2795d ago

Some of my favorite characters from MvC2 got cut. Poor BB Hood and Servbot. If they come out as DLC I might just have to get it.

bmw692795d ago

I'm sure they are holding them back for DLC...

Nate-Dog2795d ago

I'm not a big Fighter fan but I am considering getting this at some stage if I can somehow afford it. I'm not a big enough fan to pay full price for it though lol. I just hope people are still playing it by the time I get it if I actually do.

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