Mass Effect 2 PS3 patch leaks Final DLC Title, Details

Bioware has just released an official patch for Mass Effect 2's PS3 version - and unwittingly revealed some information about the final piece of downloadable content for the game in the process.

Three new trophies included with the new patch all refer to a new piece of DLC titled 'Arrival' - and Bioware had previously confirmed that one more piece of downloadable content was on the way for Mass Effect 2 via their Cerberus News Network service.

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Herminator2822d ago

I wonder how much of the DLC will make it's way to the PS3 version.

Seedhouse2822d ago

Err, it's all on the disc isn't it?

teething2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

"unwittingly revealed some information about the final piece of downloadable content"

hahaha... this was planned.

The "leak" got the game and DLC free advertising. This article is an example.

Christopher2821d ago

"Arrival" eh? Looks like we'll get a good look at the rest of the Reapers coming to kill us all.

Jaces2822d ago

I didn't realize half the side missions I was doing were the DLC until I looked them up. lol

That's probably why I spent over 51 hours in my first playthrough. ;D

JoshuaN4G2822d ago

What difficulty did you play on?


i average 16 hours on normal (doing side missions aswell till i get bored) im on 21 on the hardest setting and i havent finished yet. 10/10 game. iv had it for a year and a month now and still play it :)

Masterchef20072822d ago

Mass Effect 2 seems a bit 2 pricy to me at the moment (i already played it on the 360 without the DLC) But i am seeing incredible offers on the Borderlands GOTY edition for 20 which seems like an awesome one to get. Even though the game is old its still fun as heck

Jaces2822d ago


Hardcore, now I'm starting my second run on Insanity. Love, love, this game.

JoshuaN4G2822d ago


For my first playthrough I also did hardcore and got around 45 hours doing pretty much everything.

Heavy_Rain2822d ago

Lol same case here. I bought the ps3 version and did not realize that the kasumi and shadow broker missions were all part of DLC. I think ME2 is a great game but I had some issues with the story.

The games entire story can basically be covered in one line - Go after the collector ship. There is a disappointing lack of a main arch in the game which supposedly concentrates so much on story telling. I absolutely loved assembling my crew and doing the loyalty missions and was amazed at how detailed a world Bioware has created. Finally after spending hours assembling my crew I was like hell yeah now lets start the epic mission of going after the collectors but voila ended the game five - 10 min after the crew was assembled. The journey for which I spent hours assembling the crew ends within a few min. Granted its one of the most epic endings I have ever felt in a videogame especially the BGM. But the journey itself lasted a few min and that is a mistake IMO on Biowares part.Another issue I had was with the decision making. I kind of felt there seemed to be very few decisions worth thinking about really deeply. Yes there was the legion mission , tali mission , genophage dillema and ofcourse the ending. I just wish though that there were more such hardcore decisions that I was asked to take similar to the one that happens in the ending. Somehow nothing else gave the impression that there will be a huge impact on the decision that the gamer takes. It should not have been soo subtle IMO. Otherwise great game.

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morganfell2822d ago

I think you misunderstand Herminator. The DLC is obviously coming to the PS3. the inclusion of the trophies for the forthcoming DLC in the patch are what has alerted the writer to this fact.

Blacktric2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Arrival? Does this mean that we will see the arrival of Reaper armada to Milky Way?

Edit: This might be spoiler to some of you so stop reading if you don't want a minor-ish spoiler.

One of the three trophies named "The Ultimate Sacrifice" which requires you to complete the Arrival DLC. Does this mean one or all of our teammates are gonna die? Shepard won't die, that's obvious but I really would hate losing Miranda or Garrus.

DeFFeR2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )


Shepard can die...

EDIT - isn't that achievement/trophy title for a non-dlc assignment? I played the 360 version a long while back, and got the ps3 version for all the DLC - so my achievements and trophies are blended together... anyone know?

Blacktric2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Shepard CAN'T die in a DLC that will tie ME 2 to 3. Read some info about the game. If your Shepard dies at the end of ME 2, you won't be able to import your save to ME 3. And since this DLC will be released for ME 2, Shepard can't die. Not unless there's some un-canonical ending (which I highly doubt since it says just finish the damn DLC to get this trophy). The one that's going to die might be the doctor that's being mentioned in the news article.

DeFFeR2822d ago

First: "read some info about the game"

Second: how does that prevent Shepard from dying? It doesn't. If he's able to die at the end of the game, why would you assume that he couldn't just because they add DLC? If this is an addition to the game, post collector ship, then anything is possible, including the demise of Shepard or any surviving member of his crew.

Blacktric2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Dick? I can't believe some people in here are this easy to offend. I'm sorry if I made you upset but I just told you to read some info about the game because Casey Hudson (executive producer of ME and ME 2) said that you won't be able to import your character to ME 3 if your Shepard dies at the end of 2. And look at ME 3's Earth trailer. Shepard's alive and this won't change with the DLC. He might die at the end of 3rd game for canonical purposes or optionally like one of the endings of ME 2, but he will be alive through the DLC and till the end of ME 3.

ThanatosDMC2822d ago

Of course Shepard can die... just stand in front of an enemy.

RockmanII72822d ago

I wonder, if one of your team mates die in this DLC what happens if you just don't get the DLC? Will they just die very early on in ME3?

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Karuto2822d ago

Gotta read the story, boy!

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StupidDude2822d ago

damnit, i just traded my copy in yesterday to put towards KZ3 pre-order. :(

Mystickay862822d ago

Mass Effect 2 is one of those games that should be in your gaming library.

DeFFeR2822d ago

Forever... like, keep a working console in your attic so your kids can play it in 15 years...


iv bought both mass effects twice now. 1st one traded in when i was done with it. then bought it again 2 months before mass effect 2. i traded mass effect2 in when i completed it 3 times and then bought it again a month ago in time for mass effect 3. and when mass effect 3 comes out ill buy the collection if they release them in one pack. my fav new IP this gen. its so so so good (mirandas body that is)

FantasyStar2822d ago

If that's the case: you might as well should get the PC Version then.I can still play games from the 1990s with the proper emulator. (Like VM Lite).

StupidDude2822d ago

it was already in my library twice (once on both 360 and PS3).

but, hey, money's tight, you know?

i'm sure i'll pick it up again someday in the future to play this DLC. just wanted both Bioware and Guerilla to get some money off new sales.

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BeaArthur2822d ago

I'm assuming I know what that title entails.

Avraj452822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

That's awesome i finished lair of the shadow broker last week and it was amazing i cant wait for arrival.

SnakeMustDie2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

So will this "Arrival" DLC include the last few DLC characters that are yet to be revealed. I can see two "classified" tabs at the Squad Section in the official Mass Effect 2 site.


If what you said is true then I think one of the "classified" tabs is *SPOILERS*Mordin*SPOILERS*.

The problem is that she plays and looks the same as her mother(although she will have the new Ardat-Yashi skill). I am not sure about the other classified one so I think I need to play through ME2 another time or just search the web for the last one.

Edit 2:

Alright, I already know about the second one. Damn, I should have just read that he/it wasn't present in one of the opened tabs. BioWare really kept both of them secret and for good reasons too.

Charmers2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

The two classified characters on the squad webpage are already in the game. Bioware choose to keep them off the squad page to avoid the story being spoiled.

I won't spoil their names here for those that haven't played the game but there are no new squad members to come. After Kasumi was released Bioware even stated they would not be adding any more squad members to Mass Effect 2.

EDIT :- I have pm'd you with the names of the two squad members that are marked as "classified".