PC Gamer: Section 8: Prejudice preview

PC Gamer: There’s a lot to like about a game that warns you to take cover to replenish your shields, then sends jetpacking enemies over the top of the jeep you’re hiding behind. Sure I threatened the developer’s family and whined about how unfair it was, but this is the sort of moment I want from an FPS.

Section 8’s fights always had a fascinating fluidity. The maps are big and open, the enemies capable of approaching from any angle, the loadouts entirely customisable – and the game drops dynamically generated missions into the bigger multiplayer games at will. This standalone expansion has a five-hour campaign, bolstered by 32-map multiplayer and a new four-player co-op game. All three modes take the same open-battlefield format, with bots filling in the holes when needed. There’s plenty of room for fun tactics and emergent silliness.

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