History of Cancelled and Unreleased Video Games - Part I

Chances are that over the years there has been one or even a number of games that caught your attention, only to slip away into oblivion. Some of them more high profile than others, but there is always a sense of mystery and curiosity about these games that we never got a chance to play. We will look at some of these titles that never made it to store shelves in a multi-part series that will provide some insight on what these games were about, what happened to cause their demise, and if there is any chance that we might still get to play them.

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shaundbstn2849d ago

Winter and Sadness looked fantastic. It's definitely a shame. Highlander is also a title I wish would've continued development. But no, at the time these games were in production and announced, games like HAZE were hitting the shelves. Ridiculous.

vgZero2849d ago

Nintendo does get hit pretty hard when looking at these lists...

danielle0072849d ago

Sadness looks really amazing. It's really a shame.

Another game that bums me out that it was cancelled was This is Vegas or whatnot.

and apparently Mirror's Edge 2.

..This is all very heartbreaking.

Hazmat132849d ago

i was pissed off when mirrors edge 2 was canned. lol this is vegas it looked cool, is it cancelled?

danielle0072849d ago

It's very much cancelled. It is the most expensive game ever cancelled, to be exact. They put so much $$ into that game ..

Hazmat132849d ago

how much money was used in general?

Agent_S2848d ago

Agreed. Moment of silence please.

TheStorm2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I actually played SC: Ghost when I attended E3 2003 (the only one I have ever gone to) and I still want that game to be out. It was like MGS meets SC. I'm hoping they make it for next gen consoles. It was a great idea, I just think they need to start again from scratch.

NeloAnjelo2849d ago

I really wanted to see more Mirror's Edge. I think the franchise has so much potential. Even more so now because of motion controls on every platform, which I think would fit well with the game. Even though I'm not a motion gamer, I can appreciate the idea of new gameplay experiences.

Hmm.. think I'm gonna go replay me some Mirror's Edge.

Agent_S2848d ago

Me: *logs onto N4G* "Noooo! WTF is this?!?!"
My girl: "What?!"
Me: "Mirrors Edge 2 was cancelled" :(
My girl: "didnt you beat the first one in like 4 hours?"
Me: "thats not the point this game was so unique and as a franchise had so much potential and../"
My girl: "uhh okay so can we go to dinner now?"
Me: *in bummed out voice* "Yea I guess"