Rumor control: Project Gotham Racing won't go PS3 - Microsoft owns it

With the news of Activision acquiring Bizarre Creations today, many have become worried that the popular Project Gotham Racing franchise would be going multiplatform. That will not be the case, as Microsoft owns the PGR franchise.

A host of news and gaming sites including PSX Extreme, SPOnG, and Ars Technica are reporting that PGR will be coming to PS3 after Activision acquires Bizarre Creations; apparently they have not looked into the ownership of the franchise.


Update 1: It seems that Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter is the only one who has done proper research and correctly points out that Microsoft owns the franchise for Project Gotham Racing. See the first link under Alternative Sources.

Update 2 - Correction: GameSpot reports the acquisition but does not assume Project Gotham Racing would go multiplatform. However, PSX Extreme, SPOnG, and Ars Technica make such assumptions in their reports. See Alternative Sources for their reports.

I confused GameSpot with GameDaily, which reports: "you can bet that Activision will want to bring the top-selling Project Gotham Racing to the PS3."

Update 3: GameDaily BIZ has corrected its claim regarding PGR coming to PS3. Here is the update:

GameDaily BIZ contacted Microsoft and a spokesperson said, "Bizarre Creations has been an great partner for Microsoft Game Studios and we wish them nothing but the best in the future. Project Gotham Racing is a signature racing franchise for Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE and we plan to continue the series but we have nothing further to announce.

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BIadestarX4132d ago

Where are those brainless Sony fanboys that were saying that this game will be on the PS3? Yes you... you know exacly who I am talking about...

ozsman4132d ago good sony news or bad sony news. Is always followed up with there famous RUMOR's of the day on this site.

pacman6154132d ago

you can keep your crappy racing game, we got the supreme king with GT5 , hahahahahahahhahahahah

nasim4132d ago

cuz GT5 is bigger than all x360 games including HALO 3.

But Bizarre could make some money by bringing it on to ps3. Not only would they sell in JAPAN in EU they can approach a much bigger PLAYSTATION fanbase too

UltramanJ4132d ago

What does it matter if the PGR name is owned by M$, when the developers who made the franchise what it is are no longer at the helm? So while "PGR" won't be on PS3, it's spiritual successor developed by the PGR team will be and that's all that matters. M$ was stupid not to snap these guys up for themselves. Heck, they should offer Activision Rare in exchange for Bizzare, cause Rare has been a huge waste of money.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4132d ago

umm why would it matter to us if this game comes to the PS3? GT5 prologue is already better than this, plus I played 1,2 and 3 and all of them get boring around 1/4 of the way.

FF7numba14132d ago

dont understand why lemmings would care. PGR sucks.

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TnS4132d ago

Give me a link, please.

ktchong4132d ago

I have requested the mod to edit my story and take out "GameSpot".

Phantom_Lee4132d ago

...there is a rumor like this?

Lightning Mr Bubbles4132d ago

And I was so looking foward to it. What could be better than Project Gotham racing on PS3? NOT!!

Bnet3434132d ago

Sony did use the PGR picture on their website so they liked it. PGR is just a casual arcade racer, it's very fun, and gets good scores.

rosko4864132d ago

God people still bring that up? It wasn't even Sony who used the images. It was some other organization that used the images without consulting Sony in the first place. People will spin any little thing to make a console maker look bad it's pathetic.

aaquib24132d ago (Edited 4132d ago ) This site is turning useless, giving me these retarted, no name links. I'd trust Gamespot ANY DAY over "xbox circle" lmao.

PGR5 WILL be on PS3, and you retarted XBOTS WILL be talking about how forza 3 is so good, and how MGS4 may come to 360 in 10 years. Shut it you stupid xbots. Just because your console is in repair, dont be sad to see you losing exclusives. It's ordinary and will become very repetitive very soon.


""Our future titles can be on whatever we please - we are a truly multiplatform studio now," the statement read. "Of course that doesn't mean that we'll be forced to make a port of every game to every console in existence... we simply have that option available to us."

Now go back to crying about how you can't play halo 3 because your 360 is in repair for 5 months you fahgets.

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The story is too old to be commented.