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GameSector writes: The Helghast have been unleashed and so has Killzone 3. It’s only been 2 years since Killzone 2 was released on the PS3 and quickly became a staple for the console managing to keep the Blu-ray in the drive for months after release. Along comes Killzone 3 to take over from its predecessor. Does it right the wrongs of its predecessor, or will it live in the shadow of other shooters.

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ElDorado2821d ago

Great score for a great game!

talltony2821d ago

"Killzone 3’s multiplayer is absolutely fantastic. Guerrilla Games took an already amazing system and built upon it to create a definitive experience. Everything is so well balanced and mixed so well together that it’s hard to find any faults.

Score: 10/10"

Man I cannot wait to get the full mp experience. Tommorrow!

WiIIiam2821d ago

Nice rundown of gameplay features. A good review.

Ace_19752821d ago

So where are you MS with the games?. I used to be a Xbox fan, but the last exclusive I remember buying was Alan Wake when it hit the bargain bin. WHERE ARE YOUR GAMES. Sony has a factory churning out AAA games every two months and you have NOTHING. I go on your site and I see some Brain Training RIP OFF for Kinect. And I think WHAT THE **** is going on here. You used to be about games like Killzone, now you are a sell out trying to steal away soccer moms from the Wii.

You sold out, and now you have no proper games and people are jumping on the PS3 train. You got left behind son.

BabyTownFrolics2821d ago

who are you talking to? all i see are killzone fans in here.

RowSand2821d ago

yup next stop is socom 4 ;)

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