EA Confirms 240hz TV's Makes Games Alot Better, Fight Night Champions A Must See Interview

Fight Night Champions plus a 240hz TV equals OMG! for gaming. HipHopGamer manages to get a major interview with EA that revealed alot about story mode, kinect and move opportunities, and more.

Gamers everywhere will be shocked at how beautiful the graphics are but will also be surprised at what they are missing without the 240hz effect that brings console gaming to another level.

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Hitman07692889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Honestly whoever doubted the 240hz hasn't really got the eyes for pixels like a real hardcore gamer should. *zips up flamesuit*.

@below okay so what is the screen refreshing then sev? tomatoes? (lol)

Sev2889d ago

Hz has nothing to do with pixels. It's the refresh rate.

I'm not saying it doesn't look better, because it does look smoother. But it's not pixels.

TROLOLOLOL2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

i have a 50 inch samsung 3D tv and you can notice the differance when running a 3D film at 240 Hz and then running at 600 Hz. (i have 2 differant HDMI cables one costing alot more than the other :/)

i dont know about games though, 60 Hz is good enough for me anyway :)...runs of to shag miranda lawson ;) i would imagine high refesh rates would suit racing games more than say a FPS

Edit* you disagreed with me having a 3D TV?? but yes you are right since you know my home better than i sorry ok :/

Edit 2* i just started watcging the video, i got to the bit were he said, 'YO ITS HIP HIP HIP GAMER' im like stfu , exit window.

r1sh122889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

anything above 60Hz will make most games look good.
Some console games havent been created to run higher than 60hz or what ever default is.
100hz runs smooth enough, and anything above 100hz make a small difference, but it is better although the difference is very hard to notice.
Ive seen a 600hz plasma TV and compared to a 100hz LED tv there isnt much difference.
As long as its 100hz or above it will look very good with little motion blur.

king dong2889d ago

this is the second time hiphopidiot has wrote a blog about his 240hz telly.

ffs, who approves this rubbish?

thong_pounder2889d ago

I will have to agree with that statement. I have a 47 sony led 240hz and a 37 lg led 120hz and the difference in 240 hz is amazing when I play nba 2k11 haven't tried the fight night demo yet but i can say that the difference is there.

gypsygib2889d ago


I disagreed with you thinking that your more expensive HDMI cable makes a difference, you have all this nice equipment but no clue.

So many people fall victim to marketers selling snake oil in NA it's ridiculous.

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jukins2889d ago

yea I ,for whatever stupid reason, believed higher hz would degrade a gaming expierience. but after getting my new 3d tv I can honestly say my games have never looked better and i get no input lag at least that I notice and I usually play fighting games so I should notice it.

Crazyglues2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Oh god here we go again...

just watch the video at the bottom to understand 240hz

For me I use a computer Monitor..

Why? - because it looks just as good as on my Plasma- I have the (2509M) 25in Hp Computer Monitor -probably the best monitor you can get for your Computer and for playing PS3 games.. -

But for the completely lost on what is 240hz here is a good explanation of 240hz - -this explains what the refresh rate and how it works... it's not as good as a plasma with 600hz in my opinion and it doesn't make the game look any better its just how fast the tv is refreshing the picture.. to give you less motion blur and a overall better viewing experience.

-but that should not be confused with thinking you are getting a better picture, the graphics are exactly the same - it's just being shown to you at a faster speed to cut down motion blur..

LoL - At the disagree, if you disagree with this you don't understand anything about HDTV's


St0n3d Bluntman2889d ago

Hip hop gamer and EA are full of it. As if we all didn't already know that.

Lcd televisions have a really low pixel refresh rate in comparison to plasma and dlp. To overcome this the lcd backlight flashes in additional sub frames. 1 additional for 120, 2 for 240 etc. to compensate for the slow pixel refresh rate. To me, it looks like the video is sped up a little bit and synched to the audio.

Plasma televisions on the other hand don't add sub frames to the image. The reported 600 hz is based on the plasmas pixel refresh rate, which is around 10 times faster than that of any lcd tv. The reason why it looks so good is because there is no added fluff.

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Fishy Fingers2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Surely when the game outputs at 30-60htz (FPS) anything higher is simulated by the TV. One of mine is 600htz and while it's works, sort of, in making the image smoother, it just looks weird and I dont use it.

MightyMatt1012889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Hey fishy you have a plasma which is different than the 240hz technology in lcd's/led's. I have a 240hz's kind of a hit and miss some games seem to look better and run smoother. but others are unplayable imo.

Fishy Fingers2889d ago

True, in that case I am referring to a plasma, but I also have a 240hz LCD and I get similar results.

I just dont like the simulated effect it gives you, prefer the native feed. One reason I do like PC gaming as I can have those high FPS rates.

MightyMatt1012889d ago

Yeah the simulated effect takes a while to get used to.... I made the mistake of leaving the 240hz setting on high and now if i'm over at a friends house or anyone who doesn't have a 120 or 240hz set it looks weird to me.

FantasyStar2889d ago

I agree with you Fishy: what a bullshit statement from EA. 240hz artificially interpolates the missing frames. Yeah it'll "look" smoother, but to the trained-eye: it looks weird.

I'd rather 240FPS TRUE, not this artificial crap.

Redempteur2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Why do you people think that TV hertz = Frames per second ?

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz may be dead since 1894 but at least try to not mess with his legacy !!!

it's mind bogling to see people mess and talk about things they don't understand ...

now you're going to disagree with me .. but the refresh rate of the TV ( hz ) is NOT the rate of information sent by the console ( FPS ).. it's 2 f*****ing différent frequences .!!!

yewles12889d ago

About time someone with sense explained the differences. Kudos, Redempteur.

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9thGenHero2889d ago

Hells yes, to all the Bielibers and Non-Believers, there is now a major publishing company supporting 240Hz gaming!!

Motorola2889d ago

Really works when you have a game like Killzone 2. It looks as smooth a COD with 240 Hz on my TV. Gives me a huge advantage online. I dont know if thats cheating though.


mate if you can afford it why not? i shouldnt think it would give you a massive advantage especially against the so called gamers which like to set up a tent and cook beans and bacon while shooting from a darkend corner, if you know what i mean.

theonlylolking2889d ago

I was playing KZ3 on a 120hz 1080p LG and it looks AMAZING.

BabyTownFrolics2889d ago

i think i see a difference between running games on my old 60hz tv and my new 120hz lcd tv, but sometimes I wonder if its just my imagination.

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