Beyond Good and Evil HD : First 8 Minutes

First minutes of Beyond Good and Evil HD

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Kalowest2885d ago

This games looks awesome.

Kalowest2885d ago

I've always heard of it, but never played it. I'm downloading Beyond Good and Evil HD off XBL, once it's released.

DaTruth2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Don't give up when it seems slow and stupid at the beginning, it will get better; You will wonder how this game will ever get good! The early photo missions will definitely throw you off; this game seems wack at first!

I almost stopped playing it, but I figured since I rented it, I might as well play some more. I had to go back and renew my rental because I got so engaged! I had to break into a factory and it was just one of the best gaming experiences I had up to that point! Couldn't believe how much the game picked up from there.

The stealth and sneaking in this game is some of the best!

Grlpants2878d ago

Check out our love letter to Beyond Good and Evil :)

showtimefolks2885d ago

if they ever want UBI to take risk on the 2nd. and who knows if this does well maybe i am alive will also come out

also people ico/sotc coming out in HD don't miss out on these 3 classics you all are getting a 2nd chance in HD no excuses

stop buying every FPS and support other devs who are doing news things

Kalowest2885d ago

Don't forget the Splinter Cell trilogy, thats coming out also.

showtimefolks2885d ago

i hope some of the single entry games gets hd remakes like beyond good and evil on psn/xblive

ign did a article on remakes and they stated mgs so maybe that's a confirmation its happening

Eamon2885d ago

I never played this game. I might do when the HD port is out.

CherryLu-Chan2885d ago

Likewise. I've heard so much about it and am eager to get stuck in ^-^

sashimi2885d ago

Always up for another action/platformer game and i never heard of this game back in the the day so yippie more games but less time to play em :(

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