Buzz! dev: Kinect "a stroke of genius"

Buzz! maker Relentless Software is no longer shackled to PlayStation, and there's one piece of technology that has particularly caught its eye: Kinect.

"Of course I'd consider any game for Kinect. And the reason is because Kinect is amazing," Relentless co-founder and executive director Andrew Eades told Eurogamer.

"It's the exact right technology for now. It's given our sector a new lease of life. We'd be mad to not look into Kinect and what we can do.

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darthv722848d ago

it would lend validity to the demo vid that showed one family facing off against another. Using their hands as the buzzers.

There could be quite a few game-show type games that use that type of gameplay. Family feud, press your luck (no whammy, no whammy, STOP) just to name a couple.

Casual...yes. Fun...YES!

Fishy Fingers2848d ago

Sounds like someones going to announce a Kinect game soon.

callahan092848d ago

That's be cool. Loved the Buzz games. The Blue Toad games weren't that great, but Buzz is awesome, and I just got a Kinect, so I'm excited to see some cool games announced for it.

Stealth20k2848d ago

hahahahahaha wow that was hilarious

didnt know he was a jokester. Maybe he didnt know nintendo and sony both passed on the tech for good reason

edhe2848d ago

Because they can't code APIs for shit.

MS? It's their bread and butter.

Biggest2848d ago

Hmmm. . . But they can't seem to code for the Kinect very well.

sarshelyam2848d ago

Funny how nearly all of the in-house MS games for Kinect are the least impressive from a technical standpoint. Ubi and Harmonix hold that title, currently.

madpuppy2848d ago

yeah, after all, with the experience MS has with developing their rock solid, stable OS's /S

Bigpappy2848d ago

Kinect Sports is not in-house? Last time I checked, that was the most popular game for Kinect, beating Hamonix and any UBI soft game. Wher do you PS3 guys get you info?

edhe2847d ago

@madpuppy yeah because APIs are the OS. /s

Really? ripping on the old windows? You timewarped back to vista? back to ME? Get with it son, 7's great - they *learned* and did a better product after rock-fkn-solid XP & 2000 releases that *run the world*.

Sure they've had some crap - and they've learned from it.

The mantra of MS is that software does everything. Sony & MS would've just looked at the hardware and figured it wasn't capable. MS Would've looked at the software that drove the hardware and realised it's potential.

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The Meerkat2848d ago

Will you have to raise your hand to answer a question?

cliffbo2848d ago

yeah it would be great all you would have to do to buzz is wave your arms or legs sounds great to me i may get a 360 and kinect if this game comes out /s

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