An Elegant Video Hate Letter To The Makers Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Kotaku commenter Goldwings is having problems connecting to mutliplayer games in Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PlayStation 3, so he voices his displeasure in video form in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku.

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Yi-Long2822d ago

... they wouldn't be working for Activision/Bobby in the first place...

The ONLY way us gamers can really give the signal that Activision needs to improve, is by not buying their products until they do...

Godmars2902821d ago

Only problem with that is that 360 gamers can and will continue to buy Activision games because MS pays for online which - somehow - has become an additional feature as apposed to something that should have been included when buying their games.

NoobSessions2821d ago

Black Ops sells almost equivalent on the PS3 as on the Xbox. Theres no real distinction between 360 owners and PS3 owners as people might seem to think.

Godmars2902821d ago

Except Activision has been making distinctions between the two systems as well as PC. If they intend to continue to sell games on multiple systems they really, really need to make sure that crap like this doesn't happen again.

Likewise if it does continue to happen, with the "favored" system having less issues, then the blame falls on people who are dumb enough to buy Activision games on those other systems.

xAlmostPro2821d ago

Awesome video, it also just shows how many other fantastic working games there are aswell, treyarch may be able to get good weapon balance but it counts for nothing when your game performs like a piece of sh*t..

Like this guy, many can't even get online..

I can get online, but when i do every match is a game of luck with the lag and the hit detection is horrible.

Im happily trading it in when Killzone 3 comes out, because not only is the multi-player works.

(also trading in world at war, mw2 got traded before black ops)

Dart892822d ago

No you shouldn't have done that you could have traded it in towards another game.

Neko_Mega2821d ago

Nice video, I didn't buy this game and I see a lot of used copys for it and not just for PS3 to.

Duggs2821d ago

Did he really flush the disc!?

Ducky2821d ago

Is the drainage pipe wide enough to accommodate a blu-ray disc!?

duplissi2821d ago

lol, no. blu ray disks have the reflective mylar all the way to the inner edge and they arent blue so id say it was a dvd-r

bwazy2821d ago

Good video I've really come to dispize Trey Arc(h?) as a PS3 User....

And for those wondering he clearly just threw in a blank DVD for the final scene.

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The story is too old to be commented.