Hard Corps: Uprising Video Walkthrough Guide

Hard Corps Uprising is the surprising prequel to Contra: Hard Corps that has taken the PSN and Xbox Live by storm with it’s stylized colorful graphics and blisteringly hard old-school difficulty. The only way to truly master this game is by learning the specific patterns necessary to complete each level.

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jaredhart2796d ago

Hard Corps is a fitting name. Game is hard as balls!

Hitman07692796d ago

This game definitely has a cool name but also has a cool retro art style while being totally badass.

-Mezzo-2796d ago

Still haven't bought this game, but it certainly looks like something i would have fun with./

Invadersims2796d ago

Contra games always seem to take a toll on my sanity.

HOSe2796d ago

so is this game out tomorrow on psn?