GamesRadar - Uncharted 3: Latest viewing excites, game of the year 2011?

GamesRadar: During most games presentations it's standard procedure to look at the screen for a bit, then quickly at your pad of paper to scribble down some notes, then back up again and repeat until you hear '... and that concludes the demo. The bar is now open'. But sat here watching Uncharted 3, we daren't miss a frame of what's happening with Nathan Drake and his buddy Sully. It's nothing short of bloody brilliant, and we don't even mind that our no-look writings skills are jumbled all over the page. Uncharted 3 is that good.

We're bearing witness to the chateau scene that was doing the rounds on the internet a while back. This one...

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Pozzle2821d ago

I'm glad that Sully is getting a much bigger role in U3. I missed him a little bit in U2.

LarVanian2821d ago

I hope Naughty Dog eventually explain why he is back kicking ass with Drake. He did after all say in U2 that things were getting too much for him and that Drake would have to continue the adventure without him.

plb2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Reminds of me of the part Indiana Jones father played in the last crusade lol. Sully is great.

shadow27972821d ago

Hmm.. Sean Connery as Sully? I could see it.

But instead we're getting Robert De Niro... or he's going to be removed entirely. Sooo awesome /s.

Lamarthedancer2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Hopefully Elena hasn't been pushed aside like Sully was...

gillri2821d ago

well its obviously gonna be up there

its guaranteed top 3 GOTY in my book

frjoethesecond2821d ago

I'm not sure about goty. It's up there with dark souls and me3 though. Will have to wait till they come out to be sure of anything though.

diehardgamer10002821d ago

fuck yeah this game is goin to rule!!!!!!

Lamarthedancer2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I hope it gets GOTY...I know Skyrim is out this year aswell as other great games but NaughtyDog really takes care of Uncharted and makes sure their decent enough for us to play on. I think it would be really nice if it got GOTY, not just for their game but for ND aswell

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