7 Ways Microsoft Can Win Back The Public At X11

This Thursday sees Microsoft delivering its annual non-televised press conference, this year imaginatively called X11, where it shows off its Xbox-themed wares for the year ahead. After a quiet 12 months of First Party action, coupled with Sony's laundry list of exclusive and new hardware announcement, Microsoft could do with a big 2011. Here's 7 ways the big MS can win back its adoring public in style.

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R2D22822d ago

XBOX Hand Held Gaming Device

xtremexx2822d ago

lol @ disagrees, its true, microsoft still hasnt broke into the handheld area

ksense2822d ago

all i read was halo and gears stuff with forza thrown in for hits by using the word "average" for gt5.... don't you think they need different games than halo remake, halo with kinect, gears with kinect, forza with kinect.... Is that all it takes to win back the public? I sure hope not.

Redman222822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

So more of the same I see... nothing but Gears/ halo/ froza with a little sprinkle of kinect to spice things up. lulz

Yeah that'll help to counter Killzone 3, LBP2, Resistance 3, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, SOCOM 4, etc.

By this time tomorrow I'll be playing one of the best games ever to be produced, Killzone 3!! Yeah son! Yeah! :P

Syaz12822d ago

it's better if they would concentrate on perfecting their home console first.

Tinasumsum2822d ago

Win back the public? LMAO He means show things that gives media something to get hits that isn't negative assumptions made up by Sony leaning media and PS3 fanboys.

pain777pas2822d ago

Microsoft could come with Gears and Halo. What else is new? They bring out another eyetoy and market it. Remake Halo and market it. Are you seeing a pattern here? If I were Microsoft I would go with the eyetoy. Here is why Halo will not bring new players in some are Haloed out. How many Halo games now in the last 10years? Too many. Why Remake so soon? Remaster for sure and would be interested. The gameplay will be heralded as amazing because of the media anyway and the public will buy it. Though the gameplay is pretty good in my opinion its just that shooters have changed over the years and have running and stuff in them. I digress. Microsoft handheld????? They don't have studios. This is my major gripe about the company period. I invested in the 360 long ago when they had many first party developers. Other than Halos, Original ME and Fables its like why get this system. Epic's Gears is on the system but I don't trust Microsoft exclusivity anymore. There is no reason to buy this machine for Halo and Gears. Neither arguably are the best in their respctive genres anymore. Fable has been destroyed and will be a back bencher when Skyrim is released. My point is do you want another Halo game on a handheld and if so why? I will not start to list games that are equal and better because that is subjective but seriously as a gamer. Microsoft today has nothing to offer the gamer and have not proven that they are commited to gaming long term. I would not be suprised if this is not the end of the road for the xbox division. They have no studios, Kinect is just another revenue stream to become the leader. Remember the standard for success is not 50 million units anymore. WII is way past that. Xbox division in some of their stock holders minds has failed. I kid you not. 50 million and a year headstart... They are doing better than last time but they thought that a headstart is all they needed to grab the brass ring. They were wrong. Nintendo smacks everyone in the face. 360 was trying to have all PS2 popular franchises on their box to steal customers. Still failed. Sony turtled and have a vast first party delivering HIGH QUALITY GAMES. They are steadily creeping up the ladder. In my eyes Microsoft has failed with every advantage that they had this generation. Trust me the next MS device may not be gaming related at all but it will still involve the living room. They are suited to services like live and software and they will promote that aswell as casual games.

Agent_S2821d ago

I wish there was a agree/disagree button for your comment. You raise some valid points that I feel the same about in regards to how it seems they think all they have to do is reiterate their franchises and buy some timed exclusivity, and buy some beloved frachises for their machine. But the market is very hard to predict, I feel they are making lots of decisions with the core gamer in mind, and you cant force creativity from developers you dont have in house while simultaneously trying to please the overall gaming spectrum: gamers, media, and analysts. Also they saw lots of money in the casual market so they bit it, I just think it would be nice if the money made would make its way back into a strong first party exclusive line up.

pain777pas2821d ago

Agent_S your sentiment is shared by many even diehard fans who are afraid to post their true feelings. I really thought Xbox was a force in 2006 and seven with Gears, Halo and Bioshock. Now I have played a fair amount of the PS3 exclusives from the first Uncharted to Flower and found that first party is the way to go. Their version of brain age for Kinect is rediculous. I don't see how people would want to play like that. Brain age should be on their Windows 7 phones with a cross word and word search pack. I know people have a hard time with this that Microsoft has to develop from within to make their box different from everyone else. The box is really an online PS2 with a little MII too (pun intended). They had Jade empire KOTOR, PGR and such. They really didn't even need Forza. Burnout is just as fun and GT is the simulator. PGR3 was a good game that needed to be expanded and would definitely become an arcade alternative to GT. PGR and Forza are similar games in that it does not make any sense releasing both anymore. Wipeout and GT are the perfect contrast. Mario Kart is the only Nintendo racing game now and they can always bring out the crusin series when they need a change. They now have no Bungie, no Bioware and no Bizzare. If they release Lionhead and Rare they will be litteraly a 3rd party warehouse which has never worked in the gaming industry. Money can make it work however, gamers are not fools. Sega had a staple of first party games and truly is the only company with enough mascots to fight day one if they were to make a comeback. Microsoft does not in my opinion seem commited to gaming past the 360. As much as people will say no remember that the face of Xbox has changed so much that Ballmer is now talking about the system in the US. If you look at adds etc... in most other territories you'll be shocked to find that PS3 is the console that is on TV with adds and on the sidelines of Soccer (football) and Cricket. The truth is that If Kinect does not drive sales and they can't make a game that the core would want to play without a controller they are in for a suprise. Sony's strategy is not a quick buck strategy but in the long run their games can incorporate their tech where as Microsoft have to convince gamers that having this device is really for gaming and not for spying to send to advertisers for target marketing. Don't get me wrong Sony eyetoy and move can come down to the bottom line again and suggest that people don't mind being recorded in their homes which would lend itself to even greater changes socially from a security and political standpoint. I digress. The raw facts are that underneath Kinect is a two fold agenda to the same end of more cash. Philosophically it means much more if you read the fine print of the terms of the device. I have a feeling that NGP may be the end of the line for traditional gaming and may be the last device that I purchase. 2 out of the 3 gaming giants are pushing motion controls omitting the core gamer. Who knows though X11 is fast approaching and Microsoft could annouce a game that is very good with Kinect for the core. I suppose that their has to be at least one game that makes sense for that type of control. The problem is that Sony already went down this road and they know the end of it. Whoever feels that Kinect is so different from the Eyetoy and can do so much more will be sadly mistaken. I will venture to say that their is not that much that can be done on Kinect that could not be replicated on the eyetoy because you have to remain somewhat stationary.

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XMBeaner2822d ago

Where is the 7 ways to never see an article like this on N4G at?

r1sh122822d ago

Every single one of those 7 ways are stupid.
As a 360 owner, I dont want any more Halo.
Gears will be good, but all we need (on the xbox side) are more games.
Sony has a serious line up which started from Nov 2010 and will pretty much go through 2011.
MS have to match it.
I understand that many of the multiplat's will have a larger base on the 360 but thats not enough.

More exclusives please, maybe some more GTA V content first (LOL)

ABizzel12822d ago

Agreed this is straight fanboy. If you're going to write an article on how a company should succeed, then you shouldn't bash the competition. Your intent should solely be on what they need to do to succeed, not to go out of the way to bash.

Those who feel the need to bring down others, can never amount to anything, because their goal is to bring people to their level.

plb2822d ago

I'm sure it will focus mainly on Kinect and maybe that Codename Kingdoms game from Crytek and of course Gears 3.

Stealth20k2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

1) Make Real varied exclusives
2) Follow 1 as stated

forza, gears should only be 1 part of a huge number of exclusives not everything........

BluePumpkin72822d ago

"5.Forza 4 to further embarrass the guys at Polyphony"
GT5 is better than all the forza series combined i don't know why people think GT5 sucks

baodeus2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

GT5 doesn't suck, it is great actually. It has certain things that better than Forza, but there are things that Forza does better. Each have their own up and down.


So Sony doesn't want PS3 to be the main entertainment system of every family? What do u mean by: "MS just doesn't want xbox360 to be core they want casuals they want it to be in the living room for all entertainment"?

Ahh dude, they both wanted to be the main entertainment in every family. I don't think Sony would say something like: no, we don't want casual, we just want hard core.


Dude, you don't know what u are talking about. And if you claim rewind feature make forza and arcade/not sim, i mean, do you really have to use that option (it is an option, you don't have to use it)? Online multiplatyer racing doesn't allow that either. Really, after like how many years and someone still using this BS? U can hate all u want, but Forza has been rated quit high since they came out (looks at the rating), although GT is still more popular (just like mario, halo, can tell by the number sold).

Disagree already, man you guys are fast LOL, but lets hope u guys have some decent counter argument, can you guys even give some decent argument, c'mon i'm so disappointed. It seems people just like to BS but never provide any decent discussion on n4g. Well i guess, i'm going back to gamefaqs, they seem to have soemthing better to say.

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