Demo for MLB 11: The Show Out Tomorrow

Sony will be releasing the MLB 11: The Show demo in this week's PSN update on Tuesday.

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jeseth2797d ago

No Demo needed.

The Show is f'n awesome.

bluwulf2797d ago

weeelll its the Big SHowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I wish baseball wasn't so damned boring. Imagine if this team made a good football(eu) game, or basketball, or hell.. football!

2k's been doing a good job. EA is terrible..

bluwulf2797d ago

I try the demo's, just not into baseball. Its such a beautiful game/experience though. I imagine its how people aren't into sims but still want to play GT5.


showtimefolks2797d ago

yeh i guess to some people i am from pakistan we play cricket its a 4-6 hrs game so i love baseball

the strategy involved is amazing one wrong move can cost you the game

any news on the franchise mode at all if its been updated at all its been the same they been taking things out of franchise mode of late

create your own stadium or edit your stadium'
set prices for every single thing
tv contract
other advertisement that shows in the game
move your team to new city
smart signings
smart trades

i know some of the things are in mlb the show its the best baseball game on the market

if they can improve the frabchise mode it will be the best sports game NHL from EA has the best franchise mode

OwNizzleD2797d ago

I wish they'd make a hockey game. NHL11 is good but I want more realism.

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LayingPipe2797d ago

Cant wait to try it out. Im sure it will be great.

soulfantasy2797d ago

Awesome, can't wait to play it.

divideby02797d ago

no other BB game comes close or matters...

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