Best Nintendo DS RPGs

AC: With the arrival of the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo DS' end of life seems to be approaching. With over 100 million Nintendo, there will still be more games released for it.

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SactoGamer2823d ago

TWEWY? Really? It wasn't even all that great.

iforgotmylogin2823d ago

o.o you must be high. thats one of the best rpgs on the DS. I have almost every game on the list and the only one that comes close to me is Golden sun.

SactoGamer2823d ago

I guess I just never got into it.

nick_gamestribe2823d ago

I loved Tierkreis so very happy to see that with a spot high up in your list. Reviewed it for NGamer magazine (UK) and then proceeded to play it... forever (well, 30 or so hours). Mostly in the bath, actually.

iforgotmylogin2823d ago

and i am glad to see Tierkreis ranked high I put in over 35 hours my self i was amazed by the videos and the voice acting, i was blown away actual voice acting in a ds game

Munky_VIII2823d ago

Final Fantasy III remake is awesome, my favourite DS game. Yet to play Goldensun, but I know it'l be awesome, the first 2 were my favourite GBA games.